check out the what not and such teaser.


watch it…

what’s the wheelchair thing about? Almost looks like an ankle not bending the right direction.

yeah everyone thought it was broken, i got the whole thing on tip with the hosptial trip…

How long has the video been in the making?

since yesterday…

By that I mean how long have you been filming and getting ready to make this vid?

I say keep working on the skills, that’s rad man. Liked the vid, can’t wait for the movie. Keep it up!

-Keaton Miller

The videos to big for me on dial up but, maybe it’s just me but he looks so much like timmy from south park ha ha ha ah

He looks like a blonde me.

thans guys for the comments, and compliments, and i think the other compliments, if thats what they were…yes.

yeah robbie, we made that stuff in one day so we could make a teaser thing, one day of riding, one day of planning. it was spur of the moment riding

expect the movie to be done in a year or so…