Unique in the News

Jason Swingle was selected 2002 carrier of the year for the Shoreline Enterprise, a small local paper. He delivers with the uni!

Jason also took 2nd his age group in the UNICON 11 juggling race on my 24 Miyata deluxe, at least my uni placed well.

2002 carrier of the year: Shoreline
Shoreline selects Jason Swingle

By Pamela Brice
Shoreline / Lake Forest Park Enterprise editor

SHORELINE – He delivers the news on a unicycle – and that isn’t the only unique quality about Enterprise Carrier of the Year for Shoreline, Jason Swingle.

“He is very polite and a well-mannered young man,” said one neighbor.

“Dependability is one of his many virtues,” said another. “We enjoy his great sense of wry humor and his witty replies to our comments.”

Swingle, 14, is in the ninth grade at Shorecrest High School. He has delivered the Enterprise for two years now, and has been unicycling since he was 7. He started delivering the Enterprise on a unicycle six months ago.

Swingle says he’s gotten some great compliments on his talent.

“One guy saw me doing it, and it reminded him of a unicycle he had in his attic that’s 25 years old. He said he had no use for it, and gave it to me,” Swingle said.

Swingle also enjoys playing the cymbals in the Shorecrest Marching Band, he said.

That’s cool!!


Yes, that’s definately very cool!


Here is a picture of me delivering papers on my Coker.

This was at the Tour de Fat It was a timed obstacle course where you had to ride around the course and throw newspapers in each of the red buckets. It’s tough to accurately throw newspapers in a bucket when you’re on a Coker.

I once delivered the Enterprise by unicycle, too! It was the Davis Enterprise, however. I found it was kinda slow compared to doing my route on my bike, so I only did it once.

Ive never delivered newspapers by mail, but I regularly teach kids at the sport and rec centre I work at on a uni - and we do everything from rockclimbing to sailing to archery to bikes to canoeing …you name it, we do it.
I obviously cant do the activity on the uni, but I do ride around the centre on it and teach on it :slight_smile:
The kids absoulty love it.

Kudos Jason. A well deserved award for a very talented person.

I don’t get it. I’ve never had a paper delivered to me by mail. :thinking:


Re: Unique in the News

On the unicycle, too, no doubt. :slight_smile:

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>Swingle also enjoys playing the cymbals in the Shorecrest Marching Band,
>he said.