Unipwned 2: One Year Later

I know, I’m double posting…I apologize. I’m just glad that the video we’ve been working on for about 4 months is finally over. And, if I say so myself, it turned out quite well. Everyone should go watch it…we’ve definitely improved in a year, even with school fighting against it.


Nice! :smiley:

Nice indeed


I loved the Uni-punt by Sam O’neil.

That had to have hurt his foot.

That was a cool video. The people in it must be really awesome.

Which one are you?

The first scene made me giggle :slight_smile: And the rest of the video was cool! How long have you been riding total?

I’m Matt Shubert, the middle one.


Thanks for the compliments!

Alex has been riding since February 2006, I’ve been riding since November 2005, and Sam and has been riding since mid-summer 2006.

For about ten minutes he was thoroughly convinced he had broken his foot. I have this awesome picture of him in this kung-fu pose with the unicycle six feet in the air. But it’s on the home computer, about 900 miles away (I’m visiting my dad in Alabama right now).

Mark: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Loading! I can’t wait to check this out!! I havn’t seen any of you ride yet.

Stupid dial-up… Grrrr…

Thanks! Hopefully we’ll have less stuff to do next year, so we’ll have more time for riding.

Good stuff!