Unipwned 2: One Year Later

Well, after almost an entire semester of filming, we’ve finally finished. It’s interesting to look back on the first Unipwned and see how much we’ve progressed…or not progressed, if you happen to be a rabid learner with too much free time (aka Terry).

Watch the video here. Enjoy. :smiley:

nice vid, gotten better.

it’ll be one year for me this Aug. 16th!

Hope im that good at one year… Love the “Uni Kick” at 3:36 such technique and power :stuck_out_tongue:

So far that’s what everyone is saying is their favorite part. I still laugh every time I see it…:smiley:

I like the intro:D

I wonder if that was last year?

Uh no…it was a month or so ago.