Unipsycho: A Documentary

Hello guys, nice to be on the boards again.

My friends have been filming a documentary about me for their UT Film Theses for four months or so. Inevitably, a large portion of the documentary would have to do with unicycling & Unicycle Football, which is a league we have here in San Marcos. Unicycling even found its way into the title of the film.

We finished the teaser late last night. Let me know what you like or don’t like or what you are glad you saw or would like to see.

It’s shot in 1080p - you can bump this teaser up only as high as 720p, and of course I would recommend that. The teaser is 90 seconds.

Lance Tschirhart

Hi there. Although i’m pretty sure i’d enjoy watching your film i’m not sure what it’s gonna be about…Maybe that’s why i think i’d enjoy it :smiley:

You seem like a pretty cool, laid back guy anyway and your girlfriend is very pretty :slight_smile:

Let me know if the full film will ever be available to watch cause i’d like to give it a go!

I am thrilled to see that you, Sir or Madam, are interested in the film.

The producer is an old friend of mine who I called late one night and left a message for. I asked him to put my unicycle tricks to music and get some cool shots. He responded by asking if I would star in his next project, which would be a documentary of me, which means unicycles as well, so we put the trick video on hold for a while.

Honestly, the teaser is cryptic on purpose. There’s not too much that I would be comfortable divulging about the film itself, save that we have deviated from many traditional film-making techniques and tried for something a little different.

But it is a documentary about me - not unicycles - to be fair.



Well I liked the shooting style, editing, and music choice. So you’ve got me interested in the rest!

wow i’m impressed,i can imagine watching this at the cinema

Hello, I liked it very much. :slight_smile:

I really liked the filming for this. It seems that even if a person has a high quality camera they don’t seem to have good filming but this was waay good.

Some times people have a good camera, but blow their exposures or destroy their images in post processing, so you can never tell that it’s quality gear they used. People constantly under-estimate their cameras. More $ does not instantly = better pictures/video :slight_smile:

Some really sweet angles and shots, music was good and chill for it… Almost made it look like an indie drama rather than a documentary :wink: Looking forward to it!

thanks for the compliments :).

The film should be posted on vimeo today. I’ll put it up when it is :D.

The premier in Austin was a really big success. It made a splash above and beyond the ten or so other films. There’s one more thing to say, but I think it should wait until after you’ve viewed it :).

Cool, something interesting to watch…I need something to get me in a good mood now :slight_smile:

did You upload it on vimeo ?

I wanna see too!

He’s started a new thread with it on dane :slight_smile: