UNIPROSHOW: A ONE of a kind unicycle fire show!

Hey guys,
Just wanted to share my brand new website for uniproshow, my professional performing act! If you have the time, have a look and give me feedback about it. Looking more for anything you see that looks bad, sounds not quite right or any suggestions for improving it.

As some of you know, I am currently living in Sydney right now and street performing is my only job. I’m working on getting more corporate gigs, birthday parties, and special events in the future so thought a website is the next step. Sooner or later I’ll upgrade to the next level so it won’t have webs in the address and it’ll just be www.uniproshow.com. It also won’t have any advertising.

Again, any feedback would be great! Thanks and enjoy!!!

the tensioners on your 12 footer made me think it had an extra set of pedals. . . then it gave me a crazy idea about a vertical tandem giraffe unicycle, and kinda blew my mind xP


Do you have insurance / public liability cover?

That’s a question I’ve been asked whenever anyone is wanting people doing fire. If you have it, you should put that somewhere (maybe on your pricing page).


If performing professionally in America, liability insurance is the first thing you probably need. You might be covered as a member of the USA Inc., but I don’t know about Australia. Check for the local situation on insurance for performers.

A tandem giraffe has been done. Steve McPeak used to use one on a high wire in the 70s. He did all the work, and his assistant in the bottom seat stayed light on the pedals. They both used balance poles.

Jamey, nice looking site! Here’s a few things to think about:

  • The first turn-off for me is the ad at the top, but I guess that's how you're supporting the site. No ad would be better in the future.
  • The flaming background has obvious seams and is too busy/contrasty. Look for a more muted firey (or other) background you can use, that won't be as distracting. It makes the text a little hard to read.
  • The font used in your left column, IMHO, is not a good fit to your image and act. It's more "circusy". Stick to one font, maybe two, for the whole thing. A larger version of what's in the navigation bar would look good.
  • I didn't notice it saying where you were. Though I assume you are "have unicycle, will travel" it would help to let people know what country(s) you're based in.
  • Take down those dollar amounts! Nobody does that. That's something you discuss one-on-one with sponsors. If you post a price range, they're never going to offer anything more than your lowest number!
  • On the page listing your accomplishments, you could provide links to the USA, IUF or similar with a comment like "No, really! We have world championships!"
  • That page also contains information that's already outdated. Use caution when talking about past and future events because they always go by before you get back to edit your content.
  • Looks like your photos are bandwidth hogs. It's always a turn-off when the pictures/pages load slowly. The picture of you standing next to the uni on your Lessons page is 119 kb. An image that size onscreen shouldn't be more than 40. The problem appears to be that you have really big images and are displaying them at small sizes. Make them the actual size they'll be used on the page. I know, this may be hard with the "free site" software you're using.
Let us know how things work out, and if/when you know you can make it to NZ!

I didn’t try other browsers, but at least in Chrome in Windows 7 (so prolly Safari as well, since they share the same renderer) your summary to the left of the photo scrolls way down past the rest of the content, and is kind of annoying to read that way since it’s so narrow. And it is good to let people know where you’re based, the fact that you’ve performed in Orange County initially led me to believe you were in Cali at first :wink: