Hi Guys, this is my first uni video cut … hope you enjoy it.

Nicely done! That’s impressive, and in some places a bit painful looking too.

And I enjoyed seeing again the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited.

Hezký! Nejen ježdění, ale i vyzdviženy krásy Prahy. Jak dlouho jezdíš? Jsi v nějaký komunitě jednokolkářů, nebo sám?

Nice to see Prague again. It’s pity it is so hard or expensive to get there even if we live so close.
There will be a XC Muni race in Nove Mesto pod Smrkem/Świeradów Zdrój in October. You all are very welcome :slight_smile:

Finally, my new uni vid :slight_smile:

Nice mix of offroad and city riding.

Great video flycross :slight_smile:
I love watching unicycle videos like this.
Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: