Uniplex is up on iTunes

Uniplex is officially listed on iTunes. This means you can easily subscribe using iTunes. Just go into the podcast directory and do a search. What’s great about this is, anybody who searches for unicycle (unicyclist, muni, unicycling, etc…) on iTunes will come across Uniplex. Will that get Uniplex more viewers and thus more new people interested in unicycling? I have no idea, but its kind of cool.

Plans for future episodes are coming along. Stay tuned.

And if you haven’t yet, please check out uniplex. www.uniplex.org, (don’t click on the demo reel - you won’t find it the least bit interesting). And remember, you don’t need an iPod or iTunes to download and watch Uniplex. All you need is Quicktime 7 or some other player that handles h.264.

If you do have itunes, you can click on this link to directly subscribe:


Wow, Corbin, thanks. That was one thing on my list for my next day off - to figure out how to make a direct subscribe link. I’m surprised its that simple. What’s the story with all the other itunes subscribe links I usually see? They go to phobos.apple.com and seem to be a special link set up through an apple server.

That link doesn’t work for all of you out there who use firefox…

Works just fine for me in Firefox.

OK, I figured out the deal with iTunes links. I’m not sure what the story is with the pcast link Corbin posted and why it might not work in other browsers. I found the more “typical” way of getting an iTunes link and it will probably be more reliable. Anyway, here is the link. You can also find this link at the uniplex blog.


Also, I got my redirect stuff worked out. So, the only web site you need to know now is www.uniplex.org

How often will new “episodes” be posted on itunes? Are they being spaced out with a set amount of days between them or is it just when stuff comes in you’ll post another one?

I’d like it to be monthly, but I’m not holding myself to any deadlines. If I got a whole bunch of submissions, it would be more often. Hopefully, the next one will be out in the middle of next month.