Uniplex is here...finally

After a few hangups last night, I finally got Uniplex up and running this morning. I still have to get a few things ironed out, particularly, the web site. www.uniplex.org will be the site, but until I get that all straight, you can head on over to http://uniplex.libsyn.com/

So, yeah, what’s it all about? I can’t remember who guessed it, but yes, it is a podcast. Not ony a podcast, but a VIDEO podcast (oooohhh!).

The first episode is fairly short, but I think you’ll like it. Future episodes will depend partly upon submissions from the audience (that’s you), so dust off your videos.

I think Uniplex will be a great place to bring together and distribute a lot of the good videos that are being produced by unicyclists. It’ll be nice to have a centralized place to get all the great videos. Think of Uniplex like having our own TV channel.

So, check out http://uniplex.libsyn.com/ or www.uniplex.org. There’s more info on the blog. Specifically, instructions on how to download and an answer to the big “do I need iTunes or an iPod” question can be found on the blog. Quick answer no, you don’t need iTunes, but see the blog for more…

I had to rush to get this all up before heading out for work today, so look for things to look more polished over the next few days. And let me know what you think of Uniplex. Feedback on episode 1 is welcome.

Oh, it worked. i was getting a blank page that said too much server traffic.

feedback on the movie in a minute.

excellent editing, and a wonderful idea as well. Are we supposed to send you stuff and then whatever you get you’ll do a vid about? that sounds cool. I’ll have to dig out my stuff.

im hyped so it better be good, ill watch it later tonight though

Uniplex is a great idea. I really liked the video and I think the riders offered good advice. I’ve been working on my rolling hop lately, but it’s still pretty low.

good video.
If you get enough tutorial clips, you should do a “unicycle school” portion each episode.

And to compensate for the suspense you caused me, i’ll tell YOU that i have something up MY sleeve codenamed “wildebeest.”
what is it? it’s a secret.:smiley:

hey, what a great idea!

i dont have iTunes, and am having trouble viewing the vid. The site says that it will work with quicktime, but it doesnt for me. i am probably doing something wrong here, so help would be apreciated.
the file extension is *.m4v, and i cant find a player that plays it.

Any sugestions?



Thanks for checking it out. There’s still some work to be done.

You can send in anything. If you’ve got a fully edited piece, it can be included, or if you just have a single clip or a few good clips, I can edit something together.

What I want to do is make this a centralized place where everybody can showcase their videos. There’s a lot of unicycle video material out there and it seems like a lot of people have trouble with compression issues and web space and other distribution problems. This will make it easier for people to both put their stuff out there and for the audience to get it.

So, whatever you want on Uniplex, just send it on…

Hey, Max, I would bet your not using Quicktime 7. h.264 is fairly new, so it requires pretty up to date software. QT7 and iTunes are kind of the standard viewers for these files. If you use iTunes and subscribe to the podcast that way, it will make everything so much easier.

But, I want to re-iterate, you do not have to have iTunes and you do not have to have an iPod. You can enjoy video podcasts on your computer using iTunes, Quicktime 7, and several other players that support the h.264 codec.

Great job!!! Let me know when you want to do some more filming for stuff. Maybe we could do pedal grab how-tos. And/or giraffe mounting tips (although, I think I mount my giraffe in a strange way)