Uniplex is coming.... Tonight?

Uniplex. Its coming. Very soon now. Tonight? Could be.

What is Uniplex? I’m not saying.

You might want to download the newest version of iTunes.

No reason…

OMG! What if I don’t have itunes?!?!?!


please tell me when it’s out, whatever it is…

podcast yes?

is uniplex a song? that would be disapointing.

i little bird told me exacly what Uniplex is , and hate to be a spoiler but…

Uniplex is in fact a…


ohh… that’s REALLY funny, jag.
real funny. :angry: :smiley:

thats what I was thinking too. that’d be cool.

It’s all just hype. :sunglasses:

LOL - you didn’t see that one coming then :smiley:



I seem to have missed your posts over the past many months. I see you’ve posted from time to time but somehow I haven’t seen you on here or we haven’t communicated for a very long time. Good to cross paths with you again.

How’s that teriyaki?


I don’t have iTunes either, and I’m not too bothered about this uniklax thing.

Anything that the owner/producer hypes up this much can’t be that good.

I could be wrong tho…


It’s a movie folks. If you’re bothered.

Somebody (I’m guessing somebody involved with it) took a dislike to my post and gave me some negative reputation points and this comment:

“thanks for your worthless, pessimistic opinion on something you haven’t seen yet. shaddup and sit down!”

Observe the word “seen”, that means it’s something you would see.

So that’ll be somebody really involved who thinks its really good, perhaps too involved. Involved to the point that he/she can’t (or won’t) accept that somebody else isn’t that bothered by it.

You gotta be able to accept critical whatsit, man!

Or just chill out.


I’m beginning to think that there really IS no such thing as a uniplex. :smiley:


Streaming unicycle videos?

I’m starting to beleive that there is no such things as uniplexxx either.

Hey, Bruce. I’m still around, I just don’t post on the forums that often. Been pretty busy lately. It’s good to see your still around too.

DarkTom, I just wanted to let you know, I don’t think that message came from anybody involved with Uniplex. So far, the only people involved are myself, Corbin and Jason who were nice enough to help with the first feature and a few people who have tentatively shown interest in helping with future segments. The few people who have helped with Uniplex have been very nice and supportive, but I don’t think any of them are passionate enough about the project to have flamed you.

Anyway, I hope you guys check out the podcast. Now that its out, I’d love to hear what you think of it.

I searched the podcasts on iTunes and I’m not seeing it…

Although I did find an interesting vodcast (video podcast) of
some guys doing a 360 unispin and trials drop.

let me know where to look…




Sorry, Jess. There’s more info in the other post…“Uniplex is Here…Finally”.

Just go to www.uniplex.org (which, for now, links to uniplex.libsyn.com).

all the info you need is there on the blog. How to subscribe through iTunes or how to manually download, etc…

I sent in all my stuff to get listed in the iTunes podcast directory, but that was just a couple hours ago and we have to wait for iTunes to update their database against what libsyn has listed. Then, it can be found by anybody searching or browsing podcasts on iTunes.