Hello all! brand new to the sport, just started riding MUni and trials on my 24" DX. I’m looking for a kind of unicycling encyclopedia. A condensed batch of information with trick names, maybe picture examples and explanations, different lingo and their definitions. Any direction would be appreciated =)


Also feel free to use this site for any other questions, no one source has all of the tricks named in it.

Welcome to the forum!!

Why…that’s exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

Blegas, I ride the south mountain trails in phoenix, you should come up and ride with the arizuni team sometime, I have yet to get myself to a meeting but I should by the end of this month. =)

Awesome! I’d love to join you guys sometime, is there a website or contact information?

www.arizuni.com seems to be their only method atm. The head guy is on the news a lot, he gets his people into parades too heh.

Do you know when the meetings are?

Looks like the last saturday of every month.

Thanks for the info, I just sent them an email.