Unipal 2015: The Nepal Himalayas Unicycle Tour

Announcing…the long awaited Himalayas Unicycle Tour!

Nepal is home to 8 of the worlds 14 mountains over 8000m, so what better place for our next AU/Grasshopper tour than the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal? Be one of the first in the world to ride the Himalayas; marvel at the majestic giants; and whizz around Kathmandu on your unicycle.

Dates: 6 April to 17 April 2015 (with optional 4 day extension to 21 April 2015)

Cost: US $1640 (+US$400 for optional 4 day extension)

Who can come? Open to anyone who can ride off-road on a unicycle. The tour is at altitude and on a mix of 4WD and trekking routes, so expect it to be challenging. Partners/family/friends of unicyclists are welcome to accompany on bikes or on foot

Closes: 31 August 2014. Registrations after this date at discretion of organisers and dependent on accommodation availability

More information on: Adventure Unicyclist


I soooooo wish I could go!

Great choice!

Kathmandu, Nepal is my hometown and I am so excited that you guys are going to Nepal for an adventure uni rides. I wish my husband and i could join you guys but we are going to Nepal this September, and we are going to try and ride in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and lalitpur(the three cities in the Kathmandu Valley). We are really excited about this trip. Its a short trip so we wont be able to go far from the valley.
I hope you guys have a blast out there. Nepal is a beautiful country full of adventures. Make sure you guys get some MOMo’s (Nepalese dumplings). yummy!!! Let me know if you guys need some tips on where, what and how’s in Nepal. I will gladly help you out.:slight_smile:

Yeah, really looking forward to riding in Nepal, and especially Kathmandu.

One of my favourite unicycling experiences was riding my Muni around Kathmandu and getting hopelessly lost…it’s such an awesome place :slight_smile:


Cool… Yeah i agree too, You should definitely ride in the kathmandu durbat square. You could get some cool trials😊

Transporting Unicycles to travel

Hi all,
How would you transport your unicycles while travelling internationally? Would you check it in with your luggages or would you rather ship it?What is the best way? Any advice would be appreciated.
thank you :slight_smile:

This is what I recommend:

We’re trying to get everyone registered by the end of August. If you are interested in coming, please contact me via Adventure Unicyclist as early as possible.


Looks amazing

I don’t think I can imagine a better trip. Too soon for me to get enough time off work but next time…

Hi all,

I’ve had a number of requests to join the tour in the last week, so we’ve decided to keep the tour open for another month.

If you are interested, please email me before mid-November via the Adventure Unicyclist website. We must have registrations before then as we will be paying the tour operator shortly after.

Here are the riders coming to Nepal next year: http://www.adventureunicyclist.com/unipal/unipal-riders/


Only a week before Unipal officially starts. Most of the riders are busy packing and getting ready for the largest ever Himalayan Unicycle Tour.

The riders meet in Kathmandu on 6 April before heading off to the Annapurna region in Nepal. From the we ascend all the way up to the Thorung-La pass at 5500m, staying in villages along the way.

We will post an update once we get to Kathmandu. In the meantime, check out our rider profiles. We have 28 unicyclists from 8 different countries coming:

Did everyone make it back before the earthquake? :astonished:

They did for part of the group, Ken told me may be 1 or 2 were remaining there …