Unipacking in Scotland

This year I did again a unipacking trip in Scotland where I rode from the East Coast to the West Coast in 6 days, while covering 250km.

Wonderful video, thanks for sharing. What a fantastic way to see the beautiful countryside.

What an awesome adventure. Thanks for sharing your video.

Nice video and excellent trip – I stay just a few miles from where you started, I should really take more advantage of the place!

Yes, you should definitely do it! I simply love Scotland, I have been there also last year and did the Great Glen way and the West Highland way:) https://youtu.be/ItMxXnF7STE

Yes, I saw your video last year when you posted it (and your photo from it on this month’s page of Klaas’s unicycling calendar). I’ve been on various bits of the Great Glen Way on my bike, mostly down beside Fort William if we’ve been staying down there. The Speyside way is very local but again I’ve only really been on bits of it with the bike and walking with my dog, and only a very short bit with the unicycle (round Craigellachie).

I think in general you take where you grew up and live for granted and sometimes don’t see what others do when visiting. Anyway, I hope you come back again for some more adventures.

Great video, Becky98. As was your previous Scotland video. And you make it look and sound so easy.

DrD, maybe once the days get longer again, we can try to ride some of these routes. I wouldn’t dream to think that I can do 50k every day, but maybe 15 for starters? :wink:

Aye, that is something to think about – it might give me motivation to get fitter and more proficient – that is definitely in order! This year has been a bit of a wipe out for practicing and progressing despite the best of intentions.

The last time I rode anything was actually at Nevis Range (Aonoch Mor) in the middle of October – I rode around in the car park a little bit on my KH20, not the best choice of uni given it is pretty stony but it is what I had with me. At least I didn’t try to go down the World Cup downhill track on it :wink: