Union bails

Wogri send us those 30 seconds of bails from his Union video. You will them on UTV

where can we buy the dvd?

Cool, I thought it was funny when he falls into the garbage can. lol

Yeah, reminds me off a fall of my own.:stuck_out_tongue:


at http://www.municycle.com for example and as I know at most of the other well known unicle shops all over the world. It’s called Union

looks really cool, im gonna but it

I’ve got it, it is very cool.

unicycle.tv is always so slow for me :frowning:

That’s no good news, we should try to figure out why and if it is a general Problem in Brazil. Of course we are interested in providing good Bandwidth all over the world but that seems to be not so easy without placing mirror servers on different Continents. There are around 50 visits each month from Brazil on UTV so their should be some more visitors than you.
Please try to connect via www.einrad.tv to the German page and try if you got better results. Would be interesting to get the result of this test.