UniNoli 2014

New vid! These are highlights of my recorded riding for the first half of this year.

The video quality may not be very good, and the riding may not be very good, but it was a fun video to make!


(Can someone tell me how to embed the video into this post? I can’t figure it out!)

Nice! You’re fearless. Somehow your bails look like they hurt more than other people’s :stuck_out_tongue:

You found some cool places to ride. That metal fence thing at 1:10 is perfect for trials. I also like that muni trail with all the big rocks to hop on.

Hardly! Your riding is freakin great. I only wish I could pull that stuff off half as well as you.

Hah! Damn cool, Noli! But the biff at 1:40 looks like the kind that could have family planning implications. :astonished: Do you still get on the 36er? We should do the lake again. Thx for the great video!

Yeah, after Unicon, i was wanting to ride around Lake Sammamish on the 36er. I can’t imagine it would be that hard.

…dooood, that’s one of my regular Sunday routes. :wink:
I take it clockwise with a detour up into Lake Hills and through the Microsoft campus to avoid the lousy 1/3 of the lake–very pretty route, with a coffee stop halfway 'round…you’ll love it. I think it’s like 22-24 miles. PM me anytime.