UniNats Video Comp Entry.

UniNats was phun (fun)

Nice, that was really good. I liked it a lot.

noice, its smooth…liked the grinds…and the start of a mix of big street…

that vid was sweet.
luved it soo, much u got some skill thats for sure.
good song as well.

how long u been riding?

nice flip tricks and 360 `s and grinds … very good;)

aswsome stuff

yeah that awesome i can’t wait till your muni video comes out…
i agree with how fun uninats was. Just to bad jack couldn’t come… haha jack :stuck_out_tongue:

Evan Riordan

Great job.:slight_smile:

That was awesome! I havn’t seen anything from you since you were still doing flip tricks on your LX in your backyard. I was really suprised to see some of those handrails and that 5 set flip from you! Keep it up.

Haha yeah, those were the days.
Thanks for the comments so far.

Loved the first gliding part