UniNats Street Comp And High Jump Highlights And Nic Vevers Video Comp Entry.

I didn’t make this, Nic Vevers did, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be posting it.

Street High Jump.
Video Comp Entry.

Sorry if you were planning on posting these, Nic.

Tht high jump vid was mad.

great videos. The high jump was just crazy and the europe tour looks ace.

Nice vids! How high did they hop in the highjump-vid?
And about the video comp entry vid, why were they riding in norway
without telling us? :stuck_out_tongue: Lookes like they rode in oslo.
The vid was great!

Cool, what were the results of high jump?

You know what they need? they need crankflip high and long jumps. thatd b hardcore.

Excellent videos. I really enjoyed the Euro trip one.

Trials comp/vid?