UniNats info updated...

Sorry if this should’ve gone into the Unicycling News forum but I wasn’t really sure where to put it.

For those of you who are interested in UniNats 2003 in Canberra, there is heaps of really useful info on the UniNats page of the AUS (Australian Unicycle Society) website.

You’ll find a draft of the program for the three days, registration details, accomodation info (you have to book quite soon), and heaps of other stuff there.

Could anyone interested in attending UniNats please say so in this thread because I want to get an idea of who I’m going to be able to meet there.


Not sure that I will be there Andrew. But I saw that a week ago when I went to their website to print out their membership form to join.
The only one problem is the Nominated by and the Seconded by has to be sign and I don’t know who will sign it for me. I’ll see if my parent’s will sign it. I have a funny feeling about them I won’t mention it on this. Call me privately if you want to. I reckon next year, I’ll be in it, in 2004 that is. Shame Andrew, it’s the way it goes.



I’m want be there. the only problem is that every thing is happening in October this year. i’m in year 12 and the exams start at the end of october. also the MTB nationals are on at Mount Beauty which is close to me and i want to do the trials comp and the 24hr MTB race in canberra is on as well.
i was at the National folk festival in canberra the other weekend and the club was there and they said that whoudln’t be a actual trials comp. which is disapointing since thats what i’m most interested in. but i’ll do my best to be there.


Luke. I think we haven’t met on this site. Gi’day mate. Call me David. I have bought my Unicycle from Juggleart in Fitzroy near 10 years ago. I’m from Toronto Lake Macquarie NSW. Shame that was a bit dissapointed the event you went. Hope to hear from you soon again. Cheers.



I’m also in grade 12 but I’m pretty sure I’ll only miss the first day or so of term 4 so it’s not too bad for me. Which nationals are you talking about? Is it both cross country and downhill? Two of the 3 other people I work with at the Gap Bike Shop are going to the nationals for cross country and dowhill. I’m just really happy to be able to try some trials on a proper course at UniNats and jump aronud on a car, although I guess a competition would be pretty fun. Are you doing the 24hr solo or in a team? I don’t know whether or not you read about it, but I had a great time in a 24hr a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully I’ll see you there. You should probably decide pretty soon though because you need to register for the workshops (there’s a trials one which will be awsome) and book accomodation.