Uninats Australia 2014


is anyone on here attending Uninats 2014?

I heard its in Sydney, and not sure how many are on these forums reguarly who are attending or know about the event. Im keen but can’t find much information about it.

It will be in Sydney hosted by the Northern Beaches Unicycle Club. Google them and send a message. Don’t think any info has been posted online yet.

Ok cool!

Do you know if they do marathon event at uninats i been training for it on the 36er.

But if not 10km will do me fine.


unicycle6869, just passing on your links do not work.

Info needs to be posted online ASAP. Only a few months till it’s on. I know a lot of people are unaware of the event, even I don’t know many details.

Id love to make it but I defiantly need some details to book time off work.


I messaged northern beaches unicycle club and they told me its a long weekend in October 3-6th i believe.

And event is at northern beaches in sydney.


Anyone else uber keen for this? Just over a month away!

Rego’s open and rough timetable is up

Had a look just now. I am going to be there.:slight_smile:

Sudden decision. All happening thanks to my wife’s “can do” attitude.

What is the ten km even likely to involve?

Maybearound manly/ curl curl as all the other events that day are in that general area. If they include the waterfront areas that would be a picturesque ride :slight_smile: im just guessing though, i have no idea

I mainly want to meet, talk to and ride with other unicyclists. I am sure I could learn a lot watching others too and get feedback on my own style.

I have only been riding since January so I wouldn’t expect any prize-winning performance but it would be good to participate in some events.

Ten kilometres is actually an average ride for me on an outing to town and back so I would like to give that a go. However my largest uni is only 24 inch while I expect the field will be on 29s and 36s, some with Schulmpfs. I have seen videos of riders doing over 30 kph while I probably manage about twelve.

I don’t mind finishing last but whole the point is to ride with others and I don’t want the to be so far behind that they shut down the course before I complete it. Would anyone else be riding a 24 in the 10 km?

Fortunately I have started riding up what I consider substantial hills in the past couple of weeks so I am getting strong to the point where I can go almost the same speed up what used to call hills as I do on the flat. Another couple of weeks serious practice should help.

I am also really looking forward to actually seeing and touching other unicycling equipment. Would love to try out a 29 if someone would give me a go.

Not long now to the events!!!?

Spread over 3 days and in only a few weeks im unsure i can make it and it will cost a good uni for expenses for some… :frowning:

I asked Peter at municycle.com while back about the event and he came back with…

“Muni event later in the year – this is probably “The Highland Fling” (NSW southern highlands), weekend of 9th Nov…”

Can anyone elaborate on this. I see its not the same event and they mention nothing of Muni on their webby.

Any idea of numbers that may be attending at this years events?
Many thanks,

Ps - how long does these fusion Zero’s take to break in lol?

The Highland Fling is a one day 113km MTB race south of Sydney a few hours. I did it once with Mark and a few others have ridden it in the past. Search the forums to see who and find more info. Here is a good writeup about it: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=86650&highlight=highland+fling

Although it was fun, it was also painful and I would strongly recommend UniNats. I think you would have heaps more fun hanging out with like minded people, learning new tricks, riding, racing, etc. Like most people that go to one Uninats, they have so much fun that they make sure to never miss another one again! (Unless of course they are living in the USA and it’s too far to travel). :frowning:

ah ok roger that Jamey. thanks for the info

from that i gather you wont be at the uninats this year :’(

There is a small chance…won’t know for sure until next week…