UniNats 2012 [Australia]

Melbourne will be hosting the next round of the Australian Unicycle Championships on the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of March 2012.

This will be the first time Melbourne has hosted the UniNats. We hope you can join us for what should be an amazing event.

We are looking at running some individual events in the lead up to the UniNats; including a street comp, muni ride and a trials session. I will endeavour to keep you updated with the latest news as it comes in.

If you are on facebook we have an event page, just do a search for UniNats 2012:)

Yeah be good to have an event before this. I will attend this but I’m quite dissapointed that there isn’t going to be a 2011 UniNats. But meh! Its not me organizing it, must be a pain, so whatever.

i know that organising these events aint an easy task, BUT its only been 2 months since the last Uninats and already there has been a set date and aparently even some locations have been booked already, yet they r waiting over a year to hold the actual event? if they could organise it so quickly then whats stopping them from holding it next year? it just seems like a really long wait for no apparent reason. i thought there was also a strong motion amongst riders to make it an annual event but they want to keep it every 2 years still?

i know, bitch bitch bitch :roll_eyes: lol sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Matt

I am looking forward to it. Uninats was originally every two years so this one is about 1.5 years ( a good compromise). It is hard to please everyone in every state as long weekends and school holidays are different and this gives us some time to save some $$s up.
Melbourne is a great city and I am sure you guys will do a great job. Cannot wait!:slight_smile:

I was a little disappointed that Uninats wasn’t going to be run yearly but I can’t complain, it’s a great event and the organisers really make it shine…I’m so excited to attend next time, Melbourne! finally! I’ve always wanted to visit! :smiley:

Wollongong was nice too

In Aus we have some nice cities. Sydney had a great venue, Wollongong Uninats was great for the convenience, Canberra had some great venues like the AIS etc.
Melbourne has food…and i don’t mean just Big Macs.
Maybe we could have a new event like a cafe tour on unicycles.
Next time a regional city would be good too, like Albury or Wagga.

they’ve tried to get us to hold it here in Wagga but we dont really have very good facilities. our skatepark is pretty much entirely vert and our athletics track is grass. not to mention how much more difficult it is for people to get to a regional town from places such as brisbane or NZ. Wollongong was inconvenient enuf travel for them

Yeah, I was keen on Albury but I guess people to help are as important the facilities (not many unicyclists in Albury). Matt is pretty keen and a good organiser. It should be great.

Thank you for the vote of confidence Mal.

We (the Melbourne organisers) did suggest October 2011 as a possible date to hold the UniNats but it was rejected by the AUS due to a lack of public holidays in Victoria at that time of year.

It is a fun event so I share your disappointment in not being able to attend more often. The March 2012 dates were chosen due to there being public holidays in several states on the same weekend, good weather and previous grumblings about the Wollongong Nats being held over Easter (the other weekend we considered). We are hoping as many unicyclists as possible can attend.

Poster and T-Shirt Design Competition

To help promote the event we are holding a competition to find the best poster design. The winner will receive a free entry pass to UniNats 2012. Entries should be in JPEG format, less than 2MB in size and sent email to geoffD0TrobinsonATcsiroD0Tau
Competition closes 18/3/2011. The judge’s decision will be final. Don’t forget to include the basic details of the event in the design, including the dates, location and AUS website address.

We are also holding a t - shirt design competition. The winner will receive free entry to UniNats 2012 or a free shirt if they also win the poster comp. Entries should be in JPEG format, monochrome, less than 2MB in size and sent to geoffD0TrobinsonATcsiroD0Tau
Competition closes 18/3/2011. The judge’s decision will be final. Don’t forget to include the basic details of the event in the design, including the dates, location and AUS website address.

Sweet, Can’t wait till next year! hopefully these other events before uninats can be organised, i’m keen. Hopefully one day uninats could come here to adelaide! :slight_smile:

A short reminder

The entries for the poster and t-shirt design competition close this Friday. Don’t forget to submit your entry for a chance to win free entry to UniNats 2012.

For details:

We have a winner! Congratulations to Tiffany for an excellent poster design. Tiffany wins free entry to the event for her effort.

Thank you to all the people who sent in their designs.

For a high res version, see here: AUS

Feel free to print it out and post it up around the place.

uninats 2012 poster(1).jpg

Very nice! I like your guys lazy approach to this aswell, getting others to design the poster and t-shirts :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome! Ill try be there! Better start saving for flights now… :smiley:

It’s an Aussie tradition. The Sydney Opera House and our national flag were designed by competition winners.

I’ll rephrase that, I like your countries lazy approach to this as well :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait for this! The street comp showdown will be a good test for me and Dan Cowling, for Unicon.

Questions about uninats competitions(street comp), post them here? Or is there someone specific to contact?

^ You can post the questions here. The venue will most likely be the Camberwell (Junction) Skate & BMX Park. The exact format has yet to be decided. It will probably depend on numbers of entrants and available time.

A quick update

Most of our venues have been confirmed. To enter you will need to register which can be done via the AUS website beforehand or at the event. The form should be on the website soon.

Australians need to be a member of the AUS, to join see the website or sign up at the event.

A full timetable and list of venues should be available shortly.

Any questions can be emailed to myself:


Awesome effort. I’m sure I’m not the only one that appreciates the effort you Gus are putting into running this.