Uninats 2010 :: Video Comp Entry :: Brandon Nankivell

New Video. Street and Flat. About 5 months worth of the best stuff except my treysides, triples and rolling hops. I’ll make another short video soon.

Enjoy =)

EDIT: oh yeah, link…

Awesome, man. You’ve become a great unicyclist. The fifthflip was really clean, and I loved all the street. 720 was nice as well.

holy crap! When did you get so good!!
I wish i could fifth like that!

Holy crap! You’ve gotten good. Your fifths are so nice. And congrats on the 7spin.

awesome brandon :slight_smile:

I’m fairly sure you can do some crazy stuff. I’m sure you could fifth with just a little practice. :slight_smile:

THx :wink:

wow that was nice man O:
like all the others said you became really good!
and i just love your style (;

Great improvements. Everything in there is starting to look pretty clean keep it up.