UniNats 2010 Countdown!

Just announced in the AUS newsletter that uninats will b held in Canberra from the 1st-4th of October. let the countdown begin: 114 days to go!

It it’s in October, how can it be 114 days to go?

Just got the email, I’m so excited!

Awsome, It would of been cool if it was in Tasmania.

Cant wait!

I think its 214?

oops! 214 days to go (i added up the months manually with my head so maybe someone else should just double check)

yaaaaaay im gunna try get over :smiley: gotta catch up with the Adelaide guys xD

Sweeet, i can’t wait :smiley:

I’ll probably come over for it.

That would be sweeeeet. It’s not the same without kiwis.

+1 :wink:

I’ll be there

i might not be able to go :frowning: got year 12.

That is NO excuse lol!
Youd better come :stuck_out_tongue: I might go if you guys are heh.


not stopping me. unicycling comes before skool! just study while ur travelling

As the saying says; Bro’s before Hoes.
…and school. :roll_eyes:

If NZ riders are going,Aus riders have no excuse but to go.Especially if its a lame school excuse.I’ll be there :smiley: I think ill win the flatland comp

+1 :stuck_out_tongue:

You can always study while traveling (hey, you don’t have anything better to do, right?) or at night. I’m bringing my sister along this year who is also doing the HSC…there’s something like a 2 week break just before uninats if I recall correctly.

I’m REALLY looking forward to this because last time I attended I was really new to riding, People might remember me on my little rusty red uni with the lollipop bearings :wink: This time round I’m going to be able to participate in more than only the events where you had to ride forwards without falling off! It’s also going to be amazing meeting everyone from the forums (I joined a few weeks after uninats 09 so i didn’t know anyone back then)

212 days to go!

Is there beginner comps for like trials and flatland and that sorta stuff?

i dont think any guys go by bro’s before hoes

there is a 0-14 yr category, an opens category and a senior category (40+ i think). in the trials, on top of the age categories, there is also a novice section (only for first timers) and the expert category is for everyone who has done a trial comp at least once before.
flatland and every other event is just everyone from each age groups versus each other.

just a quick question for everyone (even tho it probably wont change my mind :stuck_out_tongue: ) would u all prefer the old street rules (individual runs) or the new rules (groups riding together at once with the 3 zones)? i think i might b the flatland and street organiser