UniNats 2010 by Matty P

I’m honoured to have the privelage of posting Matty P’s UniNats 2010 video here for you all to enjoy!!

Starring: Joe Waddington, Chris Huriwai, Dan Cowling and Myself. also featuring Sam Thomas and Brandon Nankivell.

Shot in Canberra plus a little extra from Sydney town.


So sweet.

damn that was so good
relly love he way has been put togather, really good filming and editing
and crystal castles= good music :smiley:

sick as always…
amazing editing, riding and music :slight_smile:

that one foot-coast was absolutely outstanding. (although it was sitting.)

Very nice. we might be showing this tomorrow night for the movie night of the NZ unicycle weekend.

I Enjoyed it , amazing :slight_smile: and nice intro

that would b awsome!! chris n dan r both there lol

I have only three syllables: Ah-May-Zing.

geezz thats quite good…matty’s so awesome :slight_smile: love joe’s coast and reverse stacks and isaac’s long hand rail grind

Very nicely done video, loved the smooth shots and the chain of the 4 grinds, that coast was awesome. Some real creative lines in there.

Everything was great. Nice Video.