UniNats 2007 Countdown!


48 days until the 4th Australian UniNats in Sydney.

Australian Unicycle Society


I’m very upset about this. :wink:
-Shaun Johanneson

haha brilliant

crap in a hat

i should register for this. and book flights etc etc.


Can’t wait :smiley:

Wow. Better get practicing.
That is what I would be saying if I could get my damned tyre off! :frowning:

registered :slight_smile:
booking flights tommorow.

where is everyone staying? as i will be going up alone.

Ed stop focusing on the tyre. try removing he rim…

47 days.

I’m registered, still not sure about transport. I’ll probably fly.

ARGH, i wish i could come - then you wouldnt be going alone!
Next year i am in for sure:)

Luke I thought you were going with Barry or Geoff?
What events is everyone planning on doing?

Yeah, but I want to go earlier and street it up with the Sydney people.

I’m going to do Street, high jump and long jump, I might give trials a go as well.

im just going for the fun of it
good thing i only live a 2 hour drive from the venue:)

I have my flights booked, and accommodation sorted. Haven’t registered yet though, how much is it? Do you have to register to enter the comps. I’m going to enter in the street (I’m going to suck heaps), trials, high and long jump and maybe the MUni and freestyle.

The UDC Guys will be there. I will be riding the track, LD and Muni , not sure about the street as I always crash and hurt myself in front of a crowd :slight_smile: .

where is everybody staying?

is there like a group thing (as it states on the website) if so can i, if it is not too intrusive, jump in with a group?

Or should i just stay at some cheap backpackers hostel?


Ahaha, Ed’s having trouble removing his rubber.

45 days.

Keven I’m going to UniNats with you, so work out how we’re getting there.
Where are we staying?

hey hey hey, get this thread back one page one…