UniNats 07 Street comp

All hight lights.

No lowlights.


Very well put together. I liked it. Just drop me.

Good work matty.

nice filming and edeting just wondred about noone rides with a helmet^^

Awesome! I saw Luke do an extra hop! :stuck_out_tongue:

cool filming, the musik is great

i dont think it means much coming from a trials rider :roll_eyes: :smiley:

OH! burn :astonished:

awesome work matty

amazing vid, are you the guy who did the aussie 2006 weekend vid too? both have awesome editing. no 720 unispin? :roll_eyes:

looks like you guys had fun.

Do you have a downloadble link for the video?

nice video
what was the song?

yea that was all really good. the obstacles were much better than those in NAUCC, we had to use leftover trials course obstacles:( :roll_eyes:

In a world of non download friendly sites, zamzar is king:)
put in the url of your vid, choose which format, and itll send you a link so you can download. not as complicated as it sounds…

nice video, I love it! :wink:

good job reef, havnt been on here in forever.

Cheers for the comments peeps.