UNInats 07 roadtrip.

Ok i am planning on driving up to UNInats from Tassie, well after i boat over to Melbourne and i was wondering if anyone else was interested in coming along, Or if anyone wanted a lift who lived along the way? I have enough room for three people but it would probably be less squishy with two.

At the moment i should be leaving on the 24th of sept. Which gives around week to drive up there, take it easy and ride about along the way. I know it is not going to take a week to get there. More like a day, maybe two. But i want to do some sight seeing/mad uni’ing/(left one slash open incase of ideas) as i go.

If you are interested Pm me or post here. I am flexible with leaving times as long as it is after the 20th.

The only problem is i wont be driving back down once Uninats is finished. I plan to more than likely keep heading up the coast or at least stay in Sydney for a while. Either way ive saved up my money and i am going to have a hell of alotta fun before uni starts next year.

I’t would be great if anyone wanted to come along with me :slight_smile: But if not, Wish me luck and i will see you all at Uninats.

lol i just noticed i capitaled the wrong UniNats bits. Sorry do any die-hard supporters, or English enthusiusts. (if you are the English enthusuist type please can you correct my spelling of enthusiust. i typed it out a few times but i still looks wrong)

Hey Tom,

This sounds like an awesome idea. Keven McKay, Myself and possibly Ed Bell would like to come along. We’re all in Melbourne just so you know. What do you think?

I concur.
I have a school camp in the first week of the holidays, so I’ll have to find out exact dates, but if it doesn’t clash, I’d love to come along.
Ed Bell

sweet that would be cool.
It may be a little squishy with gear but we can do it. You will just have to fight over who is in the front/back.

Is the 24th allright for you guys?

i need to book the ferry tickets soon.

I am not driving back though so you still may have to organise a plane trip or something, sorry about that.

24th sounds good. Happens to also be my birthday, how 'bout that?

I’m pretty much fine with any date, I don’t really care that much about stuff.

I just got word Ed can’t come with us. He has a school camp around that time. He’ll still come to UniNats I think, but yeah. So it may be less crowded then.

Sweet, no Beef on Ed but that sounds less squishier.

So the 24th? is ok. I am going to book my boating ticket tommorow.

keven we can have a birthday party on the move, someone bring cake, i will supply the move.