Uninam Unitour kicks off on Monday!!!

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that The Uninam Unitour, a 500km unicycle tour starting in Hanoi and Finishing in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam kicks off on Monday. Keep an eye out on our Tour Blog:


Each rider also has their own blog (just click on their profiles)

I’m just on the way to Vietnam now via Bangkok :stuck_out_tongue:

To all the Uninam riders…see you soon!


I’m really excited for this, although I’m going to really miss Taipei, its just such an amazing place.

Re: Uninam Unitour kicks off on Monday!!!

All the best guys. I’ll be following the blog, and wishing I were
with you.


Good Luck on what sounds like a great tour!

Good luck all! Can’t wait to get some detailed updates with photos of the beautiful scenery.

We just arrived in Hoi An today after a 70km ride over a big hill and then along the coast. The ride is going great so far. Don’t forget to leave messages on our tour blog…the riders are checking the website regularly.

Also, each rider has their own blog on the site. Click on their profiles and follow each rider during the tour.


Howdy all,
I’ve been posting things to my own blog:

and copying it to the uninam site.

Some pictures at:


I need to dig out my login details to start double-posting to the Uninam site, but my point of view is online here:

I’m soooo jealous! I hate missing Unitours!
Have fun you guys!

It is so unbelievably beautiful there!!!

We’re just about to set off from Quang Nhai today, after riding along the coast. The rides have been great so far, but very hot! We spent most of yesterday being chased by kids everywhere it we went :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t forget to leave us a message on the blogs.


Just a quick note to say that we officially finished the tour today. Everybody had a fantastic time and there were no major injuries (just a broken toe, sprained shoulder and some skin left behind). We’re in Ho Chi Minh City now, just looking around. Final updates will be available shortly!
Don’t forget to leave us a message on the blogs!

Thanks to Jason from Grasshopper Adventures, our awesome support team, and every rider that made the tour what it was!

All the best,


p/s We have already decided on the next Unitour…keep and eye out for it.

pp/s Followed by the Jungle Muni Festival at a Thailand Resort…

Man…some day, I will take part in this for sure! These look like so much fun! Thanks for the pictures and blogs! :smiley:

Congratulations on finishing safely, and on having had such a great experience. And thank you for setting up and maintaining such a great website - that must have been challenging at times from the Vietnamese rural areas!

I’ve been following the blog haphazardly. It looks like a fantastic adventure to participate in such a tour (not to mention it must be a fantastic effort to organise one!!). A thought: throughout the blogs, the pictures and the posts in this thread, those kids chasing you popped up, but it wasn’t clear whether you liked or disliked that. Maybe that was obvious to yourselves but not to me as a reader.

I’m with dude (who in turn is with a sock:) ). Some day I’ll participate in such a ride, looks like too much fun to pass.

The kids were fun to see. Many loved to give high fives as you ride by, but some would try to grab your hand. A few kids through things at us – one threw sand on me, and another threw a rock at someone else. Other than that, it was pretty cool.


I posted a lot of my stuff on my own blog: Corbin's Treehouse

Thanks for maintaining the blog (I think Ken and Tom were the two who posted bogs) and the photos.

I would like to see a thread on equipment thoughts from the riders. E.g., Any gear malfunctions? Was everyone on 36ers? Any thoughts about seats, handles, brakes, crank lengths, tires, etc? Anything you riders would do differently next time? This ride must have been quite the testing grounds… I think many of us would like to hear the lessons learned.

I’m hoping to join you on a future trip…

The tour contained a wide selection of setups, from stock Cokers to heavily modded Nimbuses… dual- to quad-drilled cranks… all brands of tires…

…and we all rode the same distances over (approximately) the same times.

It’s not really the gear that makes the ride so much as it is the rider. If anything, the tour was a testing ground for my self, much less for my uni (as I initially thought). I learned I could ride through searing heat, climb mountain passes on short cranks, ride 180 km over two days and still walk normally the next morning.

My uni did fine. I appreciated the channel in the Fusion Freeride seat and was very happy with my custom handle (a’la Corbin’s), but seeing others ride without, I’m sure I could’ve done just as well without. If anything, I’d ditch my rail adapter for the next tour. The seat angle didn’t make much difference to me at all, and seeing other’s adapters break, I don’t want to take something like that on another tour.

It took some schooling in nutrition, hydration, etc. to learn how to give my body what it needed before it was too late, and I learned the hard way once or twice, but I was no worse for the wear. Now, if only I could figure out how to keep from sweating off that sunblock right after I applied it, I’d be set!

My two cents for now… :slight_smile:

I did ask the riders to post their setups on their blogs. I’ll send them another reminder.

Almost everyone used 36’ers. There were quite a few Nimbuses (?Nimbii), Hunters, and stock Cokers and Quaxes. Crank lengths varied but it was a pretty flat tour…I think most generally people were using somewhere between 110-125s.

We had a couple of problems with seatposts breaking…mainly on the T7 Nimbuses. Otherwise we had relatively few equipment failures. I don’t think we had any punctures amongst the group.

There were a few unicycles with brakes, but I think they weren’t used much at all as it was pretty flat.

Tires: I counted at least 7 Nightriders, several TAs and the old Coker button tread. No problems there…

There was only one Guni on the trip (a 24" KH Schlumpf)…but it wasn’t used at all.

I think I was the only one who rode a 29’er the whole way, although Christof did ride his 29" up one of the climbs early on. I used 145mm cranks initially, then got fed up and went to 100’s. I was able to keep up with the others once I switched over to the shorter cranks.

It was pretty hot but I don’t think I’d do anything differently. We were well supported so had plenty of times to cool off and refuel. No major injuries and no major disasters. Maybe the only thing I could do differently is to find somewhere less humid to go touring next time :stuck_out_tongue:

I still have to tidy up the blog (it was all written in a hurry at the end of each day), and some more photos and links to go up. Check the website again in a week.