Unimoon: Unicycling Through Africa


I just posted the video Unimoon on my website:


It shows footage from the Africa Unicycle tour this summer, which also doubled as my honeymoon with Louise.



… can’t watch the movie…the site doesn’t work (for me)… :thinking:

Whoops! You mean the links didn’t work – I fixed them up… Thanks!


Facebook version:

HQ on YouTube:


Wow that is so awesome. I’m at a loss for words.

Wow, that must have been an awesome honeymoon! Nice video.

awesome Corbin! really enjoyed it. love those shots of the lone uni’s crossing the plains, around 2-3min mark I think, and the shots of the 24 GUni hauling along, bling bling :stuck_out_tongue:

very cool unimoon, congrats!

Very Nice Corbin, i hope to do that ride one year!

Africa ROCKS !!! Nice video Corbin, looked like a lot of fun and adventure. Africa will give you that unique experience, and it’s great to see you experience it. Thanks for sharing, enjoyed it.

Excellent just excellent