UniMeet on 28th May - who's going?

Hi everyone,

Just realised that there is a UniMeet on this weekend in Kidderminster. I have just had a quick talk with Steve and he tells me it is all on as normal. There should also be a muni ride to Habberly valley sometime during the day so don’t forget your Muni’s.

The site for the Unimeet is… when I can find it…

Who’s going? I am and will bring along a few toys including the schlumpf. :slight_smile:


me neither im affraid but i will be unicycling in the lake district. woohoo!!!

sorry this info doesnt help, but hopefully i will be going next time


I can’t come either. I hope to be practicing riding across bumpy fields (on my new Onza Uni, Parcel Force willing), spinning fire & generally engaging in camping-type behaviour in Shell Island. (I hope it doesn’t rain)


Me and robin cant go as robin is working :angry: ahh well there always the next one:D


I wasn’t as I have a very early start on the Sunday, however playing on a Schlumpf… :smiley:

Might ask the kids about it tomorrow.


Looks like its just me and you then Roger!! :wink:


Sorry to break up the party but I’ll be there as well :smiley:

You have to ruin the fun eh Unicus!

Nevermind, I’ll see ya there…remember, I’ll be the one dancing gay! :wink:


I am seriously tempted, but I am going to Dorset that day - it is only an extra 200 miles on the journey though… we shall see how my knee is after tonight’s little test, and how mad I’m feeling on friday evening!

Ive never actually seen you Dance gayno :stuck_out_tongue: ill be going. Getting lift off Roger without even asking him wow he mind reads lol.


I would like to go. I’ll have to find out if my mate Pete is going and he can bring his Schlumpf too!
unfortunatly i proberley wont be going as i have broken my unicycle and cant afford another until next tuesday but its worth the wait!Im getting the Koxx1 devil!!!


My knee has decided we’re not coming.

Gary - I’ve a knee question for you - please check your PMs


I’m heading down Roger, If you could check your e-mail I’ve sent you one about maybe getting those parts to kidderminster for me to pick up?