"unilution" (new year unicycling resolution)

I’ve been cycling my 36r through 2013 without handlebars. My new challenge is to attach the handlebars and get comfortable riding with them on. I attached them one day but was afraid of getting caught up on them (a gored bull fighter comes to mind) lol! Even mounting with the bars on is intimidating for a nervous guy like myself ha ha. I will start on the grass and make my mistakes there before venturing on to the cycle paths.

Has anyone else out there set themselves a new uni challenge for 2014?

Post your new years “unilution” and let us know how you progress.

Learn to idle

idling plus a host of other skills but, idling for 2014

Idling would be a nice one.
On a more advanced level, one foot and/or wheel walking.

And generally, more time to be able to practice more often.

I like the idling goal too. If only it didn’t destroy my knees…

My list for the new year:

  • at least 1 trail ride a week, to the point of fatigue
  • Master hopping and landings with right foot forward (I prefer left foot forward)
  • Master idling and backwards riding
  • Practice still-stands

Other stuff:

  • Strengthen my right knee
  • Update and fix safety gear. I need to find some tailbone protection I like, and I have been fixing tears in my gloves and guards. I should finally fix the straps on my guards so they aren’t so loose. I’d also like a lightweight full-face helmet, doesn’t need to be motorcycle durable or anything.
  • Modify and fix my 36er. New cranks, pedals, grip.
  • New 24" muni frame. My current is an old koxx 24" muni frame, and this thing has some huge dents in it, it’s a junk frame. Will probably take that time to add disc brakes.
  • Find/make friends to ride with. I have 2 of my co-workers interested currently!

My goals or 2014

twice my age (36, or 34 if i do it before the 30th this month)
100 miles

wheel walk
180 unispin
360 unispin
rolling and side hop up picnic table’s bench

Sleep, do my homework, play my instruments, clean my junk,

My only goal is to not let unicycling become something I ever feel bad or get anxious about. If it stays fun, I’ll keep doing it and I’ll get better.

I’m already doing well with my uni-resolutions, got 2 rides in so far this week! Hoping to have a third but I’m trying to be cautious, I don’t want to over-do it while I’m just getting back into riding.

Freemount my 26er.

Learn to idle, and get more comfortable riding in traffic :sunglasses:


  • idling
  • hopping up steps
  • ride up curbs (George Peck style!)


  • get down to my target weight (and in decent shape)
  • ride every inch of my local training trail (stopping is ok but no walking hills and roots).
  • make it to munifest

I also want to learn to do tail-whips (even though we have no tail) I forget the uni-term for them. Simple trick that looks good!

learn to hop properly - both on 20 and 29

learn more freestyle

ride more, different trails regularly (including get used to serious uphills)

do a century in the summer

get back down to target weight

Learn to idle and ride a half marathon.


Learn to go backwards
jump (forwards & sideways)

I think the closest is a uni spin, but couldn’t be that because you know what one is…

Whip? (crank grab on a ledge, throw the rest of the uni forwards or back)

Max whip? Or Adien’s version (same but forwards, I forget what its called) Both are super hard, But I think Adrien’s may be easier since I’ve seen several others who have done it.

I believe he is talking unispin.

Now my big resolution is a Pittsburgh to D.C. unitour.

Please clean your junk daily:D

I resolve to keep riding, that’s enough!