uni'ists in Wales?

I’m goin to be in Wales from 21 Mar - 31 Mar. Any Welsh unicyclists out
there? I’d love to meet up with someone on one wheel while we’re in
Cardiff, Northern Wales, or Western Wales.


Glad to see you won the battle and the uni is going to travel. I hope you didnt have to leave one of your kids back in exchange.

Well, if you’re anywhere near Prestatyn, there are three of us who live here.
I’m not very good, but having managed to freemount & ride off twice this afternoon, I now consider that I can say that I can unicycle.
I would love to meet a fellow unicyclists

Hey, Cathy! As it happens, we’re staying not far away (Bursting CoEds or something) and will have lots of time on our hands. I’d love to phone you when we’re there so we can try to hook up. We’re bringing my 9yo daughter’s uni and may bring mine, too. I’d love to show you some tricks (I’m level 7), offer some pointers, and generally spend time with Welsh uni’ists!

My e-mail is dstone AT packer dot edu (you can also reply here if that’s better).

It might also work out to have you come to our Bed and Breakfast (or to meet at a third location) – so let me know about your availability.

My wife now tells me it’s “Betws-y-Coed”

I hope to see all of you!

David Stone
Prez and Founder

I have a friend living in North Wales (Hawarden) and at the moment he’s writing a message to the the emailadres you wrote down.

Maybe he can join you. It’s also nice for him to meet others. His e-mail is : stuart DOT owen2 AT virgin DOT net

I am going to be there one month later.


i live just up the way from cardiff (place called pontypridd). i am up for a ride anytime.
i ride coker, muni, trials and a little freestyle i will pm/email you my contact details.
when exactly are you around cardiff?

If you like muni, there’s several purpose built mountain bike trails near there, one in Betws-y-Coed itself, and several in Coed y Brenin.



There’s also loads of natural riding round there too, oh and you’re near to Snowdon which is the biggest mountain in wales + england and is a fun thing to ride down on a muni.


Hi, Joe and Des (and Cathy and Stuart).

We’re really excited for the next few weeks. We’ll be leaving NY in a few days and heading by you. It looks like we’ll be having the official Northern Wales Unimeet on 26 March in Rhyl at about noon (the time and exact place are still up in the air).

Joe and Des, if you would like to partake, we’d love to have you, but it prolly can’t happen in or too near to Cardiff because we’re only spending one day there and were planning to visit a museum or center (Welsh Life, I believe) on that day.

Des, I hope you’re up for a drive to Rhyl. I’ll understand if that’s too far or if you’d like to try to hook up with us when we’re in SW Wales.

Joe, as it happens, I’ve walked the trails you mentioned…I just didn’t know it till my wife mentioned it today. We did this 3 years ago when we visited Conwy.

In case you need to reach me once we’ve left NYC, this is our contact info for the 24th till the 26th of March (it’s a b&b inside a converted courthouse):
Mark & Gillian Bidwell
The Courthouse

tel 01690 710534


PS: I don’t currently have the phone #s for anyone EXCEPT Stuart, so if you could all email me with them (or post them here), then it’ll make it easier for me to contact you. My e-mail is dstone at packer dot edu

well i wont be able to make it up to north wales on that weekend unfortunatly.
anyhow i hope you will like your visit to wales!
the museam of welsh life is really good and you should enjoy it.
if you do get to stay longer in s wales give me a shout and i will hook up with you.
if not maybe another time
take it easy
ps i have emailed you my phone number

Hi all,

I just saw your post, a couple of friends and I are going down snowdon tomorrow, we’re all staying in a youth hostel in betws-coed.

We put a post a couple up from yours (actually about 10
I think) its named riding down snowdon (or something like that), it looks like there’ll be a couple of others joining us there.

I would be great to get a couple more, it doesn’t matter how good everyone is, its just for a bit of fun, I plan to do quite a lot of falling, rolling, bouncing, etc…

if you wanna know any more details check out the post I think it says when and where we going to meet.

I hope to see a couple of you there


Hey, Dan. Don’t forget that we’re meeting at the train station in Rhyl on 26 March at 10 am. Everyone in Wales is invited! As for other plans, I’ll check out the other post, but I don’t have much flexibility since I’ll be with my whole family, including 3 kids. I hope the others can join you in case I can’t.

Just wondering if there are any unicyclists in the Cardiff area interested in meeting up, I’m in Plymouth at the moment (in university) but i’ll be heading back home to Cardiff in June if anyone is interested. I like to do some basic trials (i’m not very good), but i’m interested in most things uni.

You look new :stuck_out_tongue: Welcome!

I do believe there are some…not many though…that are in the area of Cardiff. I’m up in Pontypridd (same as deadlydes), but I’m going to be going back home soon to Somerset for the summer. I’m sure some others that are in your area will say hi and let you know :slight_smile:

I’m in Cardiff… but i’m moving to Bristol in a fortnight

i am just up the road from cardiff, Pontypridd.
I am up for a ride anytime. any type of riding really but mainly long off road rides, coker usually but on the muni othertimes, and downhill stuff on the muni. have been known to ride trials in the past so may be up for a bit of that
will pm you my contact details

Cheers guys, I’ve got a few exams to get through down here before i can get away but i’m looking forward to riding when i get there.