Uni'ing to beat the NYC transit strike!

I had a few errands in a part of NYC called Manhattan today. As some of you may know, there is a bus and subway strike affecting all of NYC, but it’s toughest on those entering (and getting around) Manhattan. I rode from my home in central Brooklyn to 55th and 2nd Ave today, stopping for an errand on 28th and Fifth. It was brilliant riding up Fifth today – it was closed to all gas-powered monstrosities except private buses and emergency vehicles. That was a cool leg of the journey. I also got to dazzle many pedestrians with my off-road-style Cokering.

When the day was done, I’d covered just under a marathon (24.4 miles – makes me want to get out and ride a few more just for fun) at an avg speed of about 10 mph – WAY WAY faster than those poor commuters trying to get around today.

Favorite moment of the day (and there were many): While passing a young hotshot biker on the uphill part of the Manhattan Bridge, I asked, “Do you need a boost?”

Riding around this much put me into SUCH a good mood! :smiley: The iPod helped, too!

Did you eat any sushi and make a cell phone call as well? You commute every day anyway, don’t you? This was just cooler because of traffic restrictions?

I do indeed commute every day (including Sundays, for tutoring), but I haven’t ridden that far in a day since the Century ride. A few years ago, I moved my tutoring practice to Brooklyn, where I live. Until then I made almost daily rides bw boroughs, averaging about 80 miles a week. Since moving my practice, I average about 50 miles a week.

As you surmised, the biggest hoot of the day overall was the riding thru Manhattan sidewalks (and streets). I guess the distance covered meant that I simply had more moments for fun to happen. That’s a nice way to look at things, isn’t it?

I was thinking about you guys and unicycling in Manhattan during the strike. Must be surrealistic!

I ride my Coker nearly exclusively to get around in Manhattan, anyway… and they’ve suspended alternate side of the street parking during the strike, making it MUCH easier for me to find parking for my car (the only times I actually have to use my car when not leaving the City)… so I’d actually be happy if the strike lasts forever…

[For those of you who have no idea what “alternate side of the street parking” is… it means you have to keep moving your car to different sides of the street every day or two, so that the street cleaning machines can sweep the roads. It’s really annoying]

I listened to the radio and they said that plucky New Yorkers were travelling to work on foot, by bicycle “and even on rollerblades”. I half expected a mention of unicycles, but it wasn’t to be.

Get some good press for us!

Hey Dave and Andrew,

Being you both cruise the city daily try to get in front of some network cameras.Their all over(Penn Station/Grand Central)
Networks are looking for people with UNique ways to beat the strike.
All you need to do is hit the sidewalk near a broadcast.
Free Press for the club Dave.
But Dave, try not to get pulled over like we were when filming with Brian on the city sidewalks with our Cokers.


Great. I was wondering if any unicyclists were taking advantage of the situation.

Well strikes over (I’m not suprised). We had a similiar transit striker here in Philly, just about 2 weeks longer. Just about 3 months ago. I enjoyed uniiing through heavy traffic. Crazy drivers out during strikes, people who don’t normally drive there cars so I guess they aren’t used to it. I only unied around the city one day, because it was just way to dangerous with the crazy drivesrs. I did a lot more walking then uniing, sadly. Strikes are nothing but hassle. Especially when you live in a giant city during a time of year when there is the most travelling and traffic.

David, I just got off the phone with my father. He saw a guy in the city commuting to work during the strike. Could that have been you??? :thinking:

Tough to say. Check with him about the day and time. Specifics: I rode my Coker and had my helmet on (and an iPod would have been in use at all times), and I mainly rode on sidewalks. I rode over the Manhattan Bridge twice, generally during the afternoon (never in the early am). I only rode into Manhattan on Weds. I also rode all over Brooklyn yesterday. After my 24+ miles on Weds, I rode another 17 miles yesterday. Then the strike ended.

Other possible (likely) Coker riders:

  1. My brother, John
  2. Andrew (hardcore) Drossman
  3. Joe Merrill

If the dude was NOT on a Coker, I could only speculate that it was someone from the club (there are a few who might ride a uni to work).

My friend mentioned that he saw a pic in the local paper of a guy riding down a deserted fifth ave on a big uni (probably a Coker) during the strike…mustve have been David or HCR!

Speaking of whom, today is HCR’s birthday!

Yeah – deserted Fifth Ave was me – that was SUCH a hoot! I hope I get to see that photo soon. I joked with someone that Fifth Ave was reserved for a few buses, emergency vehicles, and unicyclists.