Uniing out of winter hibination. OUCH

I think I over did things a little on the unicycle at the weekend. I still ache.
I can’t vlame the Tamar Bridge ride, even tho I ended up riding across the bridge 4 times - long story, Phil and I parked in devon, rode to cornwall to meet the others, rode back to devon on the “official” ride, then back to cornawal for the realy werid pub, then of course had to return to devon to come hme. All that to avaoid paying a bridge toll.

No, the damage was done on Sunday. The first day of British Summertime, an hour less in bed and the day of the Hash House Harriers Fundraiseing hash and bash. I saw a poster inthe libary inviting people to join in this event, for a paltry payment to the alloted charity, one could join a seris of runs or rides in the exe valley. Suitable for all, routes from 2-12 miles promised the poster.

So I dragged my self out of bed, grabbed the muni and headed to the end of the road to get some mud under the wheel before the start line ( at a local pub- but not the one I’d been in the night before). Anyhow, at the pub I found out the ride options were a flat ride along the river side path, yawn, been there done that umpteen times, and an off road ride with short and long options. So I plumped for that, thinking that 10 miles of muni should do me some good.

15 miles later I returned to the pub, having taken a shortcut from the short route. Not enough off road and too much trying to keep up with bike riders on road had taken its toll, I was knackered. Its the last time I belive a hasher about probable distances. Refueled by a pub lunch I then rode the few miles home, which gave me about 20 very hilly miles on the speedo and very tired legs.

48 hours later, climbing stairs still hurts, I must get more practise in before the summer:-) oh dear, that will be unpleasent, NOT.

herews to a summer of long muni rides.