UniHoki Wheel-Cover Question

i’ve been watching quite a bit of UniHoki footage recently

we’re looking at putting some fun stuff together and one of our regular players runs a whole lot of these electronic advertising screens that are plastered all over the city
he’s offered to stick a 30 sec UniHoki clip on there at no charge
this will be brilliant exposure for us and hopefully get us a couple more players

i’ve noticed that even with players wearing opposing colour shirts (black and white), while u’re following the ball, it’s still quite often pretty confusing to figure out what’s actually going on
UniHoki strikes me as a game that is fAAAr more fun to play than to watch
i need to change this
the one thing that struck me was the fact that while u’re following the ball, u’re seeing a lot of ‘empty wheels’
i’ve seen some examples of covered wheels on this forum before (i can recall seeing a soccer ball and a halloween pumpkin)

i’ve been thinking about cutting wheel-disks out of coloured cardboard (black and white to match the shirts) and slide these inside the spokes as this strikes me as the quickest and easiest way that will allow u to change them fairly easily when a player switches teams
i’m just wondering if i can’t find something a little more durable

what have people used in the past to cover their wheels?
and where can i find a fairly hard plastic that’s still easy to cut?

If you can’t work something out with a wheel disc, different colour tires are an alternate solution (although your idea would be much cheaper and more convenient if you can get it working)

I don’t think you have to go as far as to disc the entire wheel. I think it would be ok to tie trail marking ribbons on a few spokes. Those are cheap and very easy to get.

When we play everyone has the same type of stick but there are 2 different colors of them. Putting cardboard in the wheel sounds like a better and cheaper idea though.

You could try Googling for Coroplast; it’s a corrugated plastic and is available in many bright colors.

Home Depot might have that corrugated plastic stuff, the hardware store here in Sherbrooke carries it… awesome stuff, I’ve got a an R/C plane from back in HS mae from the stuff… damn near indestructible!

thanx for the feedback
i’ll get to a hardware store tomoro and have a look at what they’ve got

i’ve thought about covering the sticks, but people do have their own and it’s a bit more of a challenge coming up with an easy on, easy off colour-changable solution for sticks
we can get them for R10 a stick (that’s like a BigMac without fries) and we can get them in white and black

i might just buy ten and hand them out at the start of the game and see how we go
we have to left-handers tho

Colour coded sticks may be an idea, coz the plastic for the rims may be more expensive & remember there are 3 different rim sizes which our players are using 19" 20" & 24" (20bux for 2 sticks each isnt bad considering we pay 25 bux a game), but yea the wheel discs would be more visually affective.

Im one of the lefties, and broke my stick last week and played with a right handed stick, didnt seem to be a problem (I played just as crap as usual :smiley: ), so either way i need a new stick, if you could bring an extra one on sunday for me dave - Thanks, I looked at all my local second hand stores, and no sticks available (L or R hand)!

Whos the other leftie? & and are the sicks you/johnj get curved or straight.

If you seriously want to look at getting plastic in quantity (enough for everyone) you may want to look at somewhere like maizey plastics it would be cheaper im sure. (not shure if they have what we looking for, my net connection is very slow at the mo, so i cant check)

Quick UniHoki Question?
The rules state max wheel size is 24”, is there a limit to the tire size? Would a 24x3” tire be “legally” allowed, bearing in mind it’s a duro knobbly tire used with 170 cranks so I don’t think it would gain any speed over other 24” unis, but will be faster than the 20”ers & less manoeuvrable, Thoughts?

yeah right

i’ve got some spares in the car
it’ll mean we won’t be able to play on the same team as i have one white and one black
i’ll get hold of john j and see if he can get some more sticks
i know he can get them straight or curved (depends what the R10 store has in stock
i know Kurt took the last straight one

Jason plays with a LH stick
i don’t think he’s actually left handed, i think he just plays with that stick in order to give him a tactical advantage on the right hand side of the field

as an experiment, i cut some disks from fairly stiff paper
once u cut out a 5cm diameter section in the middle to allow for the hub and make one single radial cut, it’s actually quite easy to slide inbetween the spokes
we only fitted white ones to the wheels of one team and it looked really great
here are some pics
it loses something in the static pic but a videoclip will show how much easier it is to distinguish players from different teams

edit: forgot to attach the pics…

pic 1

wheel 2 small.jpg

pic 2

wheel 1 small.jpg

pic 3

it’s also a nice space to offer sponsors as a basic logo will remain quite readable despite the turning of the wheel

wheel 3 small.jpg