Unihoki Practise Drills

as u may recall, we’ve recently started getting unihoki going in South Africa
we’re meeting again on Saturday the 4th of Sept and i thought i’d pop in here and ask if anybody’s got any suggestions for unihoki practise drills
JayneZA got us some practise cones so we have 10 of those available, we’re just looking for suggestions beyond the slalom riding, dribbling and drooling.

your thoughts, please

Re: Unihoki Practise Drills

COME ON! Don’t all shout at once. SOMEBODY has to have a suggestion or two.


Slalom through, go back and pick all the cones up (while riding), put them down in the same pattern, rinse and repeat.

try looking up regular hockey drills, and adapting some of those to work with unicycling.