UniGeezer's First Grind & Skatepark Sesh!

This is my FIRST skatepark sesh which includes my first ever grinds! I guess it’s not too bad for almost 57! My friend Casey thinks I may be the only person anywhere near my age to have done a grind, but I’m just excited to have finally done it. Crank flips next!


Nice work Terry!

Oh… geeez :smiley:

LOL the look on her face :smiley: looks like she doesn’t care at all or if you mess stuff up :stuck_out_tongue:

This makes me feel a whole lot better about having picked up my first uni this last week at a week shy of 31 =) I’ve got plenty of time to catch up with you ! I stumbled across you doing a hill climb on youtube a few weeks back before I decided that I wanted to learn to ride a unicycle, and you were an inspiration!

Have you tried the crankflips yet?

Very impressive! How long have you been unicycling unigeezer?

I think he did it as a kid and then stopped for a while. Then he started again around 50.

Thanks Guys! I first learned to ride last century, lol, in about 1966 at age 10. I learned fast and could ride one-footed, backwards, go off curbs, spin in circles, etc., but after a couple years I moved on to other things, as kids do.

After almost 40 years I picked up where I’d left off, and been riding pretty much daily ever since. As for crankflips those are definitely on my agenda, as are 3-spins, and I’m very close to landing my first one! I’m currently having fun with grinding and seeing how far I can go with it, both figuratively and literally! My goal is to progress to small hand rails. :slight_smile:

“My goal is to progress to small hand rails.”

Small hand rails… Yeah right. You’re probably eyeing up some federal courthouse stair set with an 80’ continuous run of stainlelss rail that drops out onto a very busy street. :smiley:

Haha, I’ll leave that to Colby Thomas! :smiley: