UniGeezer: "X-Stream"

The word “stream” in the title kinda gives you the idea.

Today’s MUni ride was really fun since the recent rains and now melting snow have been carving out a maze of crevaces and gapping possibilities throughout the many miles of canyon trail!

All the footage was shot with my sony cybershot w-80 still cam, using the video function with memory stick, and it actually came out pretty nice! Nothing that high-flying, but I still had a really exhilarating 3 hours of pure MUni fun!

Thanks also to everyone for the song suggestions. I decided to go with “Sir” John Child’s pick.

Hope you enjoy and your comments are always appreciated!:smiley:



(your credits say Unugeezer)

Looks like fun, but the quality looks less then your usual.:o

The song fit well IMO, even though you didn’t edit it to the music:)

I wish it were a bit longer:o

Yeah it was shot on memory stick using my still cam, not my usual video cam. It was also just a quickie and spur of the moment, but since the conditions there were so unusual, I figured I’d make a little viddy of it.

Whoops! :o

Nice, I enjoyed the rolling hops. I wouldn’t say the quality is “pretty nice,” however. It was funny, I began wondering if the video would end without you making the ‘peace’ gesture and then BAM, the two hander! haha.

Good job.

Thanks! Yeah my favorite rolling hop is at 1:07 over the water. My next vid will get back to basics with comedy bits and my highest drops yet! Wish me luck haha…and don’t say “break a leg”, lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

Break a crank!

If you’re cranks aren’t breaking you aren’t dropping from high enough, I don’t care what model they are.

Haha…lucky then I guess, 'cause I’m up to about 7 feet now…(about 2.2 meters) and sometimes to flat, depending on terrain, so in cases like that I hop side-to-front so I can roll out as much as possible. (good technique helps :slight_smile: ) But i’m sure it also helps that I only weigh 142 lbs!

From the trail today. This carved out stream was non-existent 3 weeks ago! Nearly all 5 miles of this trail has been washed out to some degree, but it just makes it all the more challenging to navigate through it!:smiley:

good vid but you used the wrong version of the song, the iggy pop version is so much better:D
good luck with the bigger than 7 ft drop :astonished:

Yeah I had listened to Iggy first, but preferred the more upbeat version I used for some reason.

Break a crank:p
…or your foot, whichever comes first :roll_eyes:

How tall are you ? 5’10"?

5’11 and change…almost 6’.:slight_smile:

I thought I was thin :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m 5’10" and change, 150 lbs.

Although there is a guy where I work who is 135, 5’10" and when I’m sitting and he walks by about 15’ away he looks like he’s 6’3or 4", because he’s so thin :roll_eyes:

Haha that’s thin yeah, but everybody “wears” their weight differently I suppose. I ride 7 days a week, and so I have to eat a bit more than usual to maintain my weight, but it hasn’t been a problem.

I’ve been this weight for over 1.5 years now and so my body seems to have found its ideal weight. My avatar pic is recent, and in the larger pic of it you can see that I haven’t lost any muscle and I’m pretty ripped now, lol, so just low body fat I guess. The cool thing is that I can literally have my cake and eat it too! Extreme uni for life man, yeah! :smiley:

I thought your video was awsome.Look forward to seeing mooooooore!

Thanks very much! I really just made that to see how footage shot with a still cam would look. I prefer my regular videocam for quality. I’m making a new viddy this weekend with all new stuff and bigger drops and comedy bits…at least I hope they will be funny lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I probably use that peace sign too much, but it’s just a habit i guess. :slight_smile:

I like The Lunachicks version. It’s from a tribute cover CD. I like the entire CD. I also like the original Iggy Pop version of “The Passenger” as well. It’s a song that works well even when played differently than the original.

I keep thinking I ought to make a muni video just so I can use “The Passenger” as the background music. It would fit a nice flowy muni ride style video. When I’m riding down the trail I sometimes sing that song to myself.

I am the passenger
And I ride and I ride

Yeah and those lyrics kicked in just as you see the POV of my Muni wheel rolling along…didn’t plan it that way but it just fits well!:smiley: