UniGeezer Withdrwal

Terry, you hooked me on the (mis)adventures of the UniGeezer. I need a fix.:slight_smile:


I wholeheartedly second that. Though as I understand it, our favorite one-wheeled film star is nursing a spine injury. We hope your recovery is quick, Terry!

i liked him more when his name was terrybigwheel.

but yes your videos are cool.

O, he was terrybigwheel?
I like muniaddict better.

YEs, I am also going through a “withdrawl!” I have so many ideas for a new installment, but yeah, the tailbone still smarts a bit. I’m still riding MUni almost everyday though, because a little pain won’t stop me completely!:smiley: Hope to have a new vid out soon.:slight_smile:

How about a but/hip pad?

Brian McKenzie collaboration?:o

Well I did buy a pair of “impact” shorts, and they have padding all over, including a tailbone protector, but(t) it doesn’t help much because since the damage is already done, and it’s still pretty sensitive, the pad, which is fairly firm, just bumps against my tailbone if I do have an impact there, causing as much, or more pain then nothing at all. Direct tailbone impacts are rare for me, having happened only this one time, and I’m being ultra-careful not to have a repeat injury in that area.