UniGeezer: "What goes up..."

Ok, as requested by maestro8, here’s a little quickie of “ups” for ya, (excerpted from a few of my previous vids). Granted they’re not spectacular, but were a challenge for me nevertheless. I’ll try to do more in my next new video!:smiley:

Yes, I agree, Family Guy does indeed wreck (in a good way).

Nice vid, although it looked like you were going to UPD on that bench :stuck_out_tongue: .

I’m more for the drops though - Have you ever rolling hopped up a set? Even like a 2 or 3 set?

:slight_smile: The fall into the water was funny, nearly snorted my coffee.

I’m not verry good at that, but I’m working on it. Yeah, I’m with you on the [big] drops…much more thrilling to do, and to watch imo.:smiley:

That tumble into the water is a classic. Nice stair hopping!

wow…that was a lot of stairs. that fall into the water looks funny everytime i see it:p i remember i saw that in another vid of yours 2

Yeah, even though it was embarassing, that fall into the drink is far and away my favorite upd!:stuck_out_tongue: