UniGeezer: "Variety pack"

wicked close to landing a donkeykick

Lol, i wish I’d landed it! I have to work on that 'cause I really think that trick is sick! One thing I haven’t yet seen, is having both feet on the tire, do a donkey kick, then land back on the TIRE, not the pedals! That would seem really hard to get. If anyone can do it, film and post it, or post a vid of it if there already is one of that.:smiley:

Dan heaton did that in that old “random crap” vid… the footage left over from defect.

You just made me want to learn donkey kicks. You are mad close man. Props.

I think Loic baud has done a donkey kick to hopping on tyre. Donkey kick is an awesome trick. I can get plenty of spin on the wheel when I try but the unicycle usually goes infront of me. I think I’ll practise a bit more though, along with monkey kicks. Are you close to Crankflips Terry? It’d be awesome if you learnt them.

Nice vid. Good job learning the unispin + wheelwalk. I liked the “subliminal message” at 0:51–Don’t try this…EVER!

Am I the only one who noticed it?

I haven’t really worked on crankflips yet, but that’s on my try-to-learn list, lol. And yeah, the same thing happens when I try the donkey kick; the uni wants to go infront of me and I end up on the ground.

I think that trick looks awesome and a cool visual to the non-rider- maybe more so than the crankflip-since those happen so darn fast and are hard to see sometimes, unless watching on video in slomo.

He also did a crab walk to flp. I can’t remember if he landed back on the tire or the pedals.

Was it in “Life”?

When I saw this for the first time I read that normally for some reason :roll_eyes: :thinking:

Thanks I still need work on the ww, since I want to advance to 1 ft ww, then gliding hopefully. For the 36er kick-up mount part, I had “mirrored” the clip so the “Don’t try this…EVER!” caption was backward, and not intended to be in the clip. That’s why it was only there for like a mili-second at the very start. Now that I’ve watched it again, I realize I could have gotten it out completely before the action started, but must have inadvertently left that little blip in there. haha it does look subliminal! :slight_smile:

It was his UNICON vid.