UniGeezer: "Unitorial lll" (Stair hops-static & rolling)

Just put this little “Unitorial” together to hopefuly help those who want to learn stair hops, both static & rolling. (I chose a basic 5 set for this video, but you can choose whatever size you want:))

Also how to “peck” up steep, loose, hilly trail sections.

I made this one a little different with freeze frames, slo-mo and some closeups, plus more in depth narration to help explain stuff better. Hope it helps in some small way! :):smiley: :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue:

Please leave a comment thanks!

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOTSW5YNOkY

Great Unitorial! Nice name too ;D

One question: Shouldn’t you hope it helps in a BIG way, rather than a small one?

Lol, just kidding. Nice vid.


Are those brooklyn pedals?

Lol, thanks! Yeah well if I can help a little or a lot I’m happy to. :slight_smile:

They’re Speedplay pedals called “Drilliums”. I love them and really need to get another pair soon for backup. But they are the best, longest wearing and fantastic pedals I’ve ever used! Kinda pricey at about $100 pair, but worth every penny IMO! :smiley:


didn’t i ask you the same thing a while back? haha i actually did get a chance to try these, and i can say, they ARE amazing.

Nice work. The editing on this one was great. Maybe you should invest in a lavalier microphone - with all the funny commentary you like to make :).

Thanks. Yeah I thought of that but unless wireless, not too practical. Plus my sucky vidcam doesn’t have a mic input. :frowning: I kinda like narrating in post anyway, since I can relax and think more about it. Haha this one I guess was nore on the serious side narration-wise; except for the swing part! Had to throw that in!:stuck_out_tongue:

very nice video terry, a good job

Great Uni-torial Terry. Very helpful, thanks a lot.

That’s great to hear thanks! I want to make another 36er unitorial, but more in depth an more than just mounts, athough that will figure prominently. There will be step-by-step with feeze frame and close ups from different angles. And maybe a few trialsy things like hops and gaps for fun!:slight_smile:

omg, now i can roll hop stairs :smiley:

thanks terry, you’re the gr8est.

Tnak you very much for do this tutorial man! :wink: :wink:

God i love your tutorials Terry!:smiley: It doesnt matter if I know the stuff in the video or not. Its just so awesome looking at them. Keep up the good work!:smiley:

Wow that’s really nice I truly appreciate that Oscar!

And thanks for all the comments everybody! It inspires me to go out and make more! :):p:D

If I had had this a few years ago when I was just starting, it would have been a great help. Great stuff terry, keep it up.

Wow, do you always line your cranks up on the very edge like that? It seems like it doesn’t allow you any time to get set up for the hop and compress a little before launching. I usually set mine about 10-12" before the actual edge.

Wow! That seems like a LONG way to set up from the edge. If I lined up that far back my cranks would not be right (horizontal) at the launch. The way I do it there’s plenty of time to compress, but then sometimes I’m going really fast like on the 8 set I did, and no matter where I hit the launch I didn’t get much compression as I was relying more on speed than height to clear the set. The slower I go the more time I have to press down and and spring up & out more.

But, if you are holding the uni over the edge and rolling it backwards (as opposed to mounting it there and riding backwards) I always hold the wheel a little more over the edge to compensate for the weight of the rider after mounting will cause you to come up a bit short otherwise. (I should have mentioned that but forgot).

Anyway, for me, I prefer launching right on the edge with my cranks pretty much horizontal, but that’s me. From there you can “season to taste” and adjust for your own preference. :smiley:

I’m pretty sure the “Terry” in this video was an impostor.

I saw absolutely no peace sign-age.

EDIT: It’s real. He does it before the pecking.

Thanks Terry, your tutorials are great, and make stuff easier to learn. Keep em coming!!!