UniGeezer: "Uni ala Cart"

I had the most fun making this and so I hope you enjoy! Watch in HIGH QUALITY!
Uni Ala Cart

Really worked hard at making a FIVE foot gap, which was slippery with loose gravel, and sloped at landing spot, and slightly uphill too. I included a bunch of bails at the end of the video to show how totally determined I was to get it, lol!

Also I think I’ve made my best comedy bit, which comes around the middle, and some other stuff. :p:D:)


Very nice.

That unibrella was a very innovative product. Deffinately get a pattent.

I’m liking the umbrella! The 5’ gap was good… the first bail looked painful too.

Love it Terry … fun and funny and faboooo!
I am getting ready to go for my first ever muni ride with other munists. Your vid has me geared up for it!!!

Hey, what camera do you use?


Thanks. So you think “4 EZ payments of only $79.95” is a good deal? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, my 661’s helped!:slight_smile:

Thanks. I use a cheapie canon mini camcorder model ZR-700. Does the job well enough, and is small enough to carry on rides.:slight_smile:

:D:D :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :D:D
Awesome, one of your best.

I loved the high speeds at the beginning.

As always, very creative, funny, and good riding! Keep 'em coming!

Very cool. You are an inspiration to us all. How about making some more vids about basic techinques,so I can use them as a learning tool.I can use all the help I can get.Thanks

Classy stuff. Absolutely loved this one, eh? Congrats on the gap, looked nice.

I hope to. thanks so much!

Thanks I truly appreciate it! :smiley:

Will do, thanks!:slight_smile:

That means a lot thanks, and thanks for all the great comments guys! Really inspires me to keep trying to improve!:slight_smile:

Another new forum feature? Now when you add a video link, the actual video automatically gets inserted right into the body of the post?


Another new forum feature? Now when you add a video link, the actual video gets inserted right into the post? cool!


Nice gap, nice riding. One of your best I think.

I loved the “sponsor” segment of your video and nice gapin BTW.

Thanks I try to do better each video and do new stuff that is unusual and different.:slight_smile:

Thanks I’m glad ppl like the humor I had fun with that one!

It looks like Gilby has added another new forum feature; Now when you add a video link, the actual video just gets directly inserted into the post. :smiley:



Thanks Jackie! Hey read my reply to you on youtube!:slight_smile:

There were several bikers/hikers on the trail that day, and one guy took some pics and just emailed them to me. You can see my camcorder at the bottom.

That’s really awesome.
You’ve inspired me.

Didn’t help me… 661s Vs 2 angry dogs isn’t fun nor painless.

+1 :smiley: