UniGeezer TV Segment

Well, although the actual TV broadcast is slated for next week, the reporter just sent me this link so you can see it right now online. I hope the TV version will mention Jamey’s Uniproshop! But it turned out pretty good I think. It was fun.


They did a good job!
And it is good we are becoming known, slowly…

Finally:D , I’m watching it.



all i got to say. great job dude.

i was first to se it i’m spedcial:D yay!:wink:

Thats awesome terry glad some unicyclists are finally getting some recognition, i hope i can get on the news some day.

Haha nice one terry! I’m not sure if it’s just because i’m Australian and i’m not used to US tv but that was soo cheesy (but great at the same time!) that i think my arteries have just been clogged for good. Keep it up geezer

That’s awesome. Congradulations

it was made really well, and will defently make some people want to learn

Thanks Matt and everybody for the comments!:slight_smile:

I just heard again from the reporter and he told me that Jamey’s uniproshop.com will be mentioned at the end of the actual TV broadcast of the segment when it airs next week. That’s great news for him and I really pushed for it. Nothing like getting TV publicity for your business…for free too!:smiley:

Also, he told me that the TV promos will also include footage of me saying, “Mind if I drop in?” as I drop off of a boulder and ride off lol! When I pitched this idea to him, I asked if he could start with a closeup of me saying that, then pull back to show that Im on a uni and then drop off. :slight_smile:

Awesome Terry, good job!

I guess I’ll have to be the first to ask - what the heck was that red thing you were wearing on your head?

Haha, that’s just a neck/face sun thing to keep from getting burned. Yeah I also wear sunscreen but IMO you can’t have too much sun protection.

I got the idea from another riding buddy, but his just drapes down. I put velcro on mine so it protects me a little better. It really helps now that it’s getting friggin hot again. That day of the report it was almost 90 and no shade! :astonished:

Plus, I’m not a big fan of wrinkles and think they only look cool on these:

Mr Wrinkles.jpg

i think thats the best TV segment yet, possibly better than KH’s



That was a really good segment.
I liked it.

Nice piece, I’m 45 and I’ve only been riding for about a month. You continue to inspire me to press on. :sunglasses:

That was awesome. You must be really pleased with it Terry. It was a great segment, good they included the 8 set :slight_smile:

Very nice!

Congratulations!!!so glad you got sent that so we in Australia had a chance to see it.Your a great representative for the unicycling community.:slight_smile:

im glad to see that the media cares, i hope they can slot it in between the muders and ur shit house economy segments.

Hehe, ‘‘risking his life’’.