UniGeezer: "Technical Difficulties"

Long drive to Santa Barbara this morning to give Saddlerock another go! This has got to be one of THE most technically challenging trails there is…anywhere! Steep, loose & ROCKY, from smallish to winnebago size! It’s awesome! As usual, it’s much steeper than it looks! :smiley:

I rode most of it this time-my second visit there. Too bad my battery pack died, or I would’ve had more footage. I got a pretty good variety anyway. Although I was wearing even more gear than usual, I managed to smack my hip on a bolder and got another bad palm plant! (Pictured at end)

I went solo, so I did the best I could with tripod angles. The only tracking shot was courtesy of a lady hiker, and as I passed her, I accidentally knocked off my fisheye lens! This ride took a lot out of me and I had my share of bails, of which there’s a good assortment at the end, after the creds.

Anyway, I hope you like it.

Your comments are appreciated and mean a lot! :slight_smile:

Saddle up for “Technical Difficlulties”

I’m not familiar with MUni’ing at all. Looks like a lot of fun. It makes me want to give it a try.

Nice video.

Also - What are you riding?

nice. Ouchy.

Your a Monster MUni Maniac

That was fun to watch Terry! Man, what a beautiful ride and it did look techy. You rode the crap out of it…
I like the new body armor … very Ninja Turtle Goes Freakshow. Mean that in a good way. :roll_eyes:
Us more mature gents must preserve what we got however we can.
As always … a brilliant movie.
You inspire me.
All secure in sector seven,
Blizzard here tonight as I sit here passing 2 kidney stones. Hope to ride tomorrow none-the-less.

That was intense. Looks like a fun shred.
Is your lens okay? haha.
what about you?

Nice vid. five stars.

Another great video Terry. The trail looked very technical, well done on riding it !! :smiley:

Shug beat me to the ninja turtle suit thing :stuck_out_tongue: Tough looking terrain, great riding.

Thanks. '07 Kris Holm MUni with upgrades.

Better today! :slight_smile:

Thanks Sean. Weather-wise, timing was perfect since less than 12 hours after I was there, it’s raining buckets now! And I hope your ok, those K. stones can be crazy painful!

Thanks Jackie. I’m ok, and luckily the lens had a soft landing.:slight_smile:

Thanks, yeah I love that trail, but I sure wouldn’t want to ride it everyday, lol.

Thanks. Yeah it’s the latest in “Reptile wear!” :smiley: It did save me on a couple of bails too!

Oh yeah, when I first posted this thread, my video was automatically imbedded, but when I tested it, it said it was “no longer available”. This was after I had already imbedded it on my website and it worked fine there. So I then posted just the link and it worked. So now, it seems it works here too, so here’s the imbedded version. :slight_smile:


thats an awesome trail! And you definitely got your fair share of peace signs in there lol.

You always seem to meet women MTBers lol :roll_eyes:
Great vid Terry!

Thanks O.W.G! Actually, there were lots of female hikers, but not a single mtber on the trail for the 5 hours I was there! Must be too hardcore for bikers haha! I think it’s that the trail can’t be shuttled and it’s pretty impossible to ride a bike up 90% of that trail since it’s all so steep, loose and rocky. So the only way up really is to carry a bike, and I doubt most would want to do that!:o

MTBers, hikers… same difference you still manage to get them lol.

What about natty trials biking lol… That place would be cool for that.

Yeah good point, but with all the hikers it would get pretty congested. This is the second time I’ve been there and there were no bikes then either. That’s what’s so C :sunglasses: :sunglasses: L about MUni! You can take them pretty much anywhere and they’re easy to carry if necessary!:smiley:

yup… you’ve inspired me to go do some muni now. It will most probably be in my video. Good old over grown abandoned sand quarry! Its great, although nothing compared to your muni canyons :(.

You’ve really matured into a fine rider, Terry. Thanks for the video!

Thank you so much! I keep striving to improve but I also realize that there’s a point in life where one maxes out; I’m just not sure if I hit that point yet. I hope not!:slight_smile:

Nice video Terry, very funny and entertaining.:smiley: It really makes me want to go and ride some trails, to bad I don’t have any near by. I’ll have to hit some up next time i’m in the mountains.

Lol, the bails came after 3:30. :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, don’t be two-staired for me, the last bail off that boulder was the worst! It “Bould” me over!:smiley:

Thanks. I found three mtb trail in your area, here. Plus there’s a lot more on that list that may not be too far from you. Check it out and let me know! :smiley:

Well done my friend…

I hate wearing alot of protective gear, but it allows you to fall with out fear. It looks like it was well needed in that area.