UniGeezer: "RockWell"

Went to check out Stoddard Wells this morning in Victorville, CA. I had mentioned it to Cody since he lives in the area, and now he’s been there a couple times and says he it’s a great natural trials area! I must concur! Thanks Cody for the excellent directions! :slight_smile:

There was tons of snow still everywhere, and the boulders had traces of it and also ice and sandy gravel! There’s a good combination for yee! :astonished: I should mention that I was totally alone there, and cell service was spotty at best, so I didn’t want to take to many chances (but I kinda still did lol!) and wind up getting hurt and stranded!:frowning: (I did have a few good bails, lol!)

But, I did have so much fun and this was only like my third time seeing real snow in person, lol! :smiley: I had a blast! I also brought my 36er along also, just to see if I could try it on some of the lines. Hope you enjoy and please comment. :slight_smile:

(This was about the most fun 225 miles of driving could buy!
Merry Christmas & Happy hanukkah!:D:D:D)

Glad you liked the spot Terry, nice spottin on your part! Im glad you tried the drop! You know what I found hillarious, that part that you said one day, looks awsome…I 180d that drop as the finish from goin up the other side. I hope we can both hit that area up soon!!

great video. Happy holidays everyone

I read about you mentioning this vid in another thread and went streight here, but no thread yet, and then to your youtube account and there it was :slight_smile:


That “thing” you were hoping up @ 0:40 made me think I have a gross twisted mind, and then I thought it could be a nose :roll_eyes:

dood that looks like too much fun!!! :p;)

Sweet video, that trials stuff looked like lots of fun. I might have to try some down at my local beach. Hopefully I don’t fall in the water or on the barnicles.

This video (link below) basically shows me changing my 36er from touring mode into “MUni mode” for yesterday’s adventure at Stoddard Wells. (Snowing again today, so it was good timing!:))

YouTube - Coker : From touring mode to MUni mode

You were right about the landing area being so soft! I’ll have to try it again maybe when it dries out a bit.

Thanks Tyler!

Yeah it reminds me of a cartoon spoof I saw on SNL.:stuck_out_tongue:

'twas for sure!

Haha I had the very same idea! There are tons of jetties down at the beach I could try.:smiley:

You live big Terry!!!
Lova dem big drops…
Ride on.

Just finished riding these jeties today with my friend, it was loads of fun and we wil be hitting it up again tommorow.:smiley:

haha that looks P. Shopped. But if not wow! How far did you go out and ride. You should make a video for sure!

It probably is photoshopped, I just got it from somones site. We only rode out just a little bit, but we did get very close to the edges and I almost lost my uni a couple times. We are thinking about making a video, but don’t expect much.

They’re rip rap boulders, to prevent coastal erosion lol… fun to climb on though :smiley:

Cool vid, and 36er muniing! When I get a 36 I’ll be doing that! It looks fun!

Thanks Sean. I wish I’d landed the biggest one. The ground was wet and soft and I just couldn’t roll out because the tire just sunk in to much. It had to be close to 6 feet or more!

There’s Snow place like home!:stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to see it! Be careful though!:slight_smile:

Yeah and I was using 165mm cranks and still could go pretty fast!

We will be. I might even wear a helmet!!!

Well, let’s not be too overly careful! :wink:

Ok, who needs a functioning cerebral system anyway?

Apparently not politicians! :stuck_out_tongue: