UniGeezer "Promo"

I had a little extra time on my hands and hadn’t edited a video in a while, so I decided to make this…

No new footage, just put some stuff Terry had together.

Nice editing, that was very amusing.

Thanks Austin, that was really cool! When you emailed me this video out of the blue, it took me by surprise! And it looks like you had fun making it. Yeah nice editing of the videos and pics, and I like the music choice too. The only thing is…I’m already here, haha! :stuck_out_tongue:

I died laughing with the eyes at the beginning. That was great.

Is there a larger compilation to come?

Terry, there’s prob enough footage for ~20min of “best of” :sunglasses: :smiley:

I probably won’t make one, unless Terry asks me to…

I can’t speak for him though.

Thanks for the offer Austin, but I would probably do that myself–someday–since I have the raw footage from most of my 300 or so videos. I’ve thought about making a compilation that would cover the first 5 years of my riding, but sifting through literally many thousands of clips would be a daunting task! :astonished: I’ll wait 'till I’m too old too ride anymore, when I have nothing better to do. (Hopefully, that will be a long wait!) :o;):stuck_out_tongue:

Dang, ran out of edit time! I just wanted to add, that although I didn’t know Austin had made the current promo until he emailed it to me–and it took me by surprise–it was really cool of him to take the time to do it, and I think he did a really excellent editing job on it too. :slight_smile:

Haha, this took like five minutes… :smiley:

Thanks though!

I bet we could help you w/ that. Someone could make a thread where everyone says what their favorite bits from the posted vids are, then you could splice them together. IMO it’d be best to do it w/ the raw footage, so you get ambient noise, comments and no conflicting/banned songs. I’m thinking/hoping:o if you knew which vid the footage was for it’d be easy for you to find the raw.

Edit: some way of categorizing them would be good.
ie. Favorites from yr. 1
…Favorites from yr. 2

If you’re going to look through tons of raw clips that’s no fun. I find that often if I didn’t include it in my little video for the day or whatever, then it’s probably not worth looking at again. I always save my little videos as a second file without music or text, that way if I want to at a later time, I can splice pieces out of it, and I don’t need to save all the raw footage.

I have been saving my raw uni footage for about 2-3 years; some renamed for east retrieval, but most not. The first 2-3 years raw footage, including many finished videos, were lost due to a major computer crash and I wasn’t able to access them again. I just threw that laptop away and bought a new one.

I still must have several thousands of raw clips left, and I will probably start going through them, renaming them for easy identification, and there’s probably LOTS of them I won’t ever use and can just delete. I’m thinking I could do something along the lines of showing my progression from when I first started to the present. Lots if ways to do I suppose.

You should back-up to external hard drives, and also organize your footage into the days it was shot, and what it was for. That’s about the simplest organizing system, should work fine for what you’re doing.

Yeah I started backing up all my files to an external HD since that crash. And then THAT crashed and wasn’t retrievable, but I still had the files on my laptop. I now have a seagate “free agent” ext. hd, and so far no problems. But organizing, paperwork and all the mundane, tedious and time consuming stuff is the worst enemy of ADHD! I will do it though. :o

I think of it like this. You have your computer… which will fail, at some point (it WILL happen) so you have your files there… but you trust your files to your external HD. Now you need a backup of THAT HD, because that is the one you trust, and you want a copy of it.

Now in an ideal situation you would have another backup (that you backup say… once every few months) and you keep it offsite… in-case your house explodes and burns up your 2 original backups.

Backup your backup, backup that backup, backup that backup, backup that backup, backup that backup… :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue:

online backup is the way to go 2010’s way to go … “To the Clouds”

Online backup is only for internal HD backup, they refuse to backup external hard drives. I have yet to find a company that will do external backups. (without charging $500+ dollars a month because they think I have a server on it…)

Well to be safe, that is the most basic back-up system. 1 original, 1 backup, 1 offsite backup. I never count a computer as a backup. Computer should just be for running programs, not storing important data.