UniGeezer: "Path of most resistance"

Haha ok so I couldn’t help making just ONE more lol! :smiley:

There’s a segment where I landed a pretty big drop using my trials, same drop that I couldn’t seem to land last time with my MUni; it’s called “How to do a drop in 3 easy steps”.

Also a couple fun bits at the end, including a “run in” with the cops, and a little “skeet” shooting".:stuck_out_tongue: (Had to dub the voices due to wind noise, but it’s even funnier I think!)

Hope you enjoy, and your comments are appreciated! :slight_smile:


Haha, awesome. I didn’t expect that drop! That must have been 6 1/2 feet! :wink:

What do you mean when you say “ONE more” was that your last vid?

I was expecting at least another 30 out of you.

Yeah it was pretty big…even bigger when you’re up there looking down with old bones lol! :astonished:

PS: Yo Beeper, could you please delete the video link you quoted? I found the “Public” one and replaced it. Thanks!

:frowning: I didn’t get to it in time.

Awesome video and awesome drops:D :smiley: The ending was awesomely funny:D :smiley:

Awesome, awesome, awesome :smiley:

Nice Terry, looks like you are enjoying your trials Uni

I knew you weren’t done:p Another great vid! What were the cops saying when they were standing in that first clip, and what did they say when you “reported your wheel”?

Nice vid Terry
One more is nice
How about a few more
Then another few
cause that would be fantastic!:wink:

Pure “LOL” material right there.
Awesome job once again Terry!
Don’t stop!

Hahahaha thats one of the funniest! great vid.

WHHHOOOO terry didn’t stop making videos and they’re still getting better!

same post, different thread!

That was great. Especially the comedy bit. Did the cops try and fine you for wasting police time? lol.

So why are you stopping making videos?

From what I heard they said: “This is private property, that’s probably not a good idea” (or something similar).

I really enjoy seeing your videos, the humor is great. Keep doing them

Thanks for all the comments everybody! Encourages me to keep making more! So hep me I can’t shtop! Is there a “12 step” program for “excessive unicycle video making syndrome”? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Actually, I’m currently editing a 36er vid shot today at a college campus. I did a few pretty big drops-at least for a 36er, lol- and can’t believe I didn’t taco the rim or bend the cranks and stuff! I also included a more in depth, step by step 36er mounting unitorial. Not sure when I’ll post it.) :slight_smile:

hey today i won a 36er for $290 on ebay. I can’t wait to get it and ride with you again.

saw that

yea man i watch all of your vids on youtube. you are very good! my account on youtube is uniFREAK134 i am on your friends list i think. i saw that vid today very good!:smiley:

Congrats! Can you give any specs/details/pics? Post pics when you can.

it is this one http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250270310215

Nice! You’ll have a blast with it! (I have a new 36er vid that I shot over the weekend. It’s already edited and uploaded to youtube, but set to private until I’m ready to post it.)

Another great one :smiley:

I always get antsy waiting for the announcement of a new episode on channel Terry:p