UniGeezer: "Not 2 Tired"

Had the most fun making this one I think. Lots of variety and my first ever seat wrap! (On a bigger than usual uni lol!) Some random folks at the beach were nice enough to play along with some fun bits.

Hope ya’all like it and I appreciate your comments!:smiley:

Linkage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsouNNvqkNg

Awesome video.

For your next video, try surfing on a unicycle.:wink:

Nice job on the video and congrats on the first seat wrap!!

Love it!

Nice Vid! You did a leg wrap (or leg around) not a seat wrap but It was still really good.

Nice one Terry! Those drops are getting quite large…

keep it up,


Hmm, I searched youtube for “leg wrap” and didn’t find a single uni-related result, but found tons for “seat wrap”, and watching them, they were the same thing I did, so I figured that was the correct term. Oh well, whatever it’s called, I did it yay!:smiley:

Hey great vid! Fun to watch as always :smiley: How do you come up with all this great stuff? :smiley:

Great rolling, hopping and wraping! Thanks for the fun video!

Thanks.:slight_smile: Mostly the stuff is just spur of the moment and then I try to flesh it out to make it the way I envisioned it. What’s fun is finding ppl at random who are willing to play along.:smiley:

Great vid, I like the use of several different unis.

BTW, I just turned 46, I’m catching you up, seeing as how “Geezer” is yours, I might start using “Old sod” as in Unioldsod, it’s an ex-pat thing.

Chris NC

Thanks Ken.:slight_smile: I think all this dropping off stuff (esp. to flat) is taking its toll on my back! :astonished:

Welcome Chris, I see you just joined the forums recently!:slight_smile: Keep us posted as to your progress, and post some videos if you get a chance!

Thanks everybody for the comments!:smiley:

“yeeah… still creative, and all you do is nice”

I don’t watch many videos cuz most of them are boring to me, but that was a very good video with a nice mix of humor, spills and accomplishments. Nice.

I never get tired of seeing kick-up mounts. It’s on my list of things to learn right after idling, riding backwards, sharper turns, and hopping up steps.

Can I borrow your “Not two tired” thing for my helmet?

a funny vid!!! :slight_smile: