UniGeezer: "No Static!"

Yep, No Static, as in ALL drops, gaps and stairs are rolling in this viddy. Only one non-rolling jump up to a rock slab. :slight_smile: This video is very fast paced, so don’t blink haha! Some bails after the creds.

I’m happier than usual at how this came out, and I hope you like it too! :slight_smile:
(My shoulder is about 90% better, but I still gave it all I had! :o )

Shot in true Hi-definition and looks awesome in full screen, but you can watch in standard of your connection speed is low.

cool vid Terry

Cool video Terry. The rolling hops looked so much better. The whole video flows so much better as well. Nice one.

Good job Terry!

However, that 6 set is more of a normal size I would say. A good stair size is about 6" high, 12" long per stair. The first 6 set that I hopped that really got me into the sport, the steps are about 16" long, and maybe 4.5" high. Surely you can find an even better one to rolling hop!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yeah I like it better too! thanks!:smiley:

Thanks. Well, the 6 set I did each step was 14", making the length 7 feet. I went out today and found another 6 set, but it was a full foot shorter since each step was less than 12". From all the sets I’ve seen, 10-12" step length seems to be pretty average, while 14" and longer is the exception.

Then right around the corner I found a very tall 7 set, but each step of it was only about 10". So that makes it a full foot shorter than the 6 set I jumped in the video! And because the 7 set is not only a foot shorter, but also a foot higher as well, it would be way easier to jump and clear, so the 6 set I did was easily more challenging. That’s just one example though, of course. :slight_smile:

So yeah, I’m sure there are many other sets with steps even longer than 14" each, but for me, having had the recent shoulder injury, plus not having even done a stair set in a long time…and the fact that I’m not exactly a spring chicken, lol, I was happy with it.

I just thought it would be a good set for me to do as a way to get back into the swing of it. Also, I had very little run up, so that added to the challenge! :o

Whoooo … ya’ ol’ rim warper! Right good video that.
You are a ruff-ridin’-run-uppin’-rolling-romer.
Terry … as much as you ride that uni hub took a mighty fine beating.
I swear … i admire your commitment to the MUni!

Hi terry,
I think this vid looked much better than most of your other ones. Static moves in muni are a bit lame in my opinion. Good work, keep it flowy. I look foward to your next video.

Thanks Sean! part of why I like making videos now is reading your creative comments! I’m gonna to go insane without a MUni to ride, until I get the new hub late this week! :frowning:

Thanks Mark. I try to always do rolling hops down stuff, but sometimes it’s not possible depending on what you happen to be on at the time. Like in this older compilation, you see me doing static drops off of a fedex box, newspaper rack, a big wall, since rolling those things wasn’t an option for me.

And it doesn’t seem to detract from the overall energy of the video, since it’s mixed in with plenty of rolling stuff. I think that’s the key; to have a good mix, and to keep it interesting with plenty of variety. :slight_smile:

But I agree the flow just looks better to keep things moving and not static. I guess while my MUni is out of commission while I wait for the new hub, I’ll ride my 36er and work on my trials stuff. :smiley:

My MUni is out of commission, at least 'till the weekend. I really don’t want to wait that long to ride again, so I wonder if I should try the stair jumps with my KH trials? It has 137mm cranks and I’ve literally never tried a stair jump with it! Well, I did try a 5 set just to get a feel for the smaller wheel, but it just felt soooo squirlly!

I have done some pretty good sized drops with it and it seemed solid, but rolling up to the edge of a big set is scary on it, compared to my MUni. :astonished: Is this just because I’m not used to it? I mean most people jump stair sets on trials unis, and not on big ass MUnis lol.

It really feels really unstable and “jittery” compared to my MUni, which feels way more controllable and stable. Do I just need to get used to the smaller wheel? :thinking:

Just go for it and have fun. Quit worrying.

Nice video Terry. I say don’t be afraid to jump a big set on your trials. If your gonna do it though give it your all or you may hurt yourself.

nice vid :smiley: loved the BC wheel muni!
In a lot of your vids you film a mountian biker or something do a drop asn then you do the same one, do you ask them if you can film them or do you leave the flim camera on on purpose and try to get a shot of someone doing it?


Yeah whenever I don’t totally commit I either bail early or don’t land it well. :o I really think it’s just a matter of getting used to the smaller uni, which should have a big advantage over my much bigger and heavier MUni! I should be able to jump a lot higher and further with the 19" trials, which is a good 5-6 pounds lighter! :smiley:

In most cases they just pass by while my cam is already rolling, but sometimes it’s planned. Not in this video though.


Thanks. I have made lots of other videos that weren’t a lot of static stuff, lol. 180 to choose from. :smiley: I think it was mainly my previous video, “24”, where I did a fair amount of static drops in a row. I had hurt my shoulder and so I wasn’t at my best, but I’m still pretty happy with it as a whole, especially the rolling no-footer thing and the snake corralling at the end was fun, haha! :slight_smile:

I really don’t have anything against doing static drops, especially if they’re good sized drops, and landed! I like watching other uni vids where there are big drops, and many ARE static! Like that one Jackie did recently! It’s the drop that counts for me, not whether they did it static or not. But yeah, too many things done static in one video can be a bit redundant. Like a video of ALL crank flips is deadly boring to me. After a while they just all look the same.

The gaps I’ve done sometimes don’t have a run up, or very limited space. And drops I’ve done from fedex boxes, newspaper racks, trees, and other unusual places don’t allow for anything else but static. And hopping UP stuff is not my strong point, especially while rolling. But I try to be as creative as possible with lots of variety as well. But yeah, having a good flow is always good. :slight_smile:

Yeah. I see tons of videos posted every day of the really good, younger riders, doing amazing 110+cm side hops that aren’t rolling. They set up, do a big ass prehop, then highjump it to the top and it’s quite a skill! Then there are those that keep the seat in and do HUGE rolling hops up onto either a stack of pallets almost that high, or a wall, up a 6 set or whatever.

Both are great to watch, but different. Sometimes I end up getting into a “natural trials mode” on the trail if I find a rock garden or stuff that might look fun to hop around on and drop off of. Trials is mostly static stuff from object to object. Street is much more flowing just by the nature of what it is, and flat is flowy in its own way when done well. Anyway, I’m an old guy, but I do my best haha! :o:p:D

All you young Dudes … wait until you are Terry’s age …and see if you can do what he does! Betcha can’t!
Can we afford to throw stones?
C’mon … its unicycling and is fun and difficult anyway you choose to do it.
I agree that a bunch of crank flips in a row gets long in tooth for me as well. Hard trick and a good one but just a trick.

Ride your own ride.
OK, my mild rant has concluded. Gonna stick with the guy my age.
When one film it is their point of view and most of us that film our rides are shooting footage that seems cool at the moment and then linking it together in editing so a “ride story” is there.
I watch because someone takes the time to film … like a video journal of that experience. That’s me. I don’t care about no flow … the uni is flowing.
Cranky Shug

Haha thanks Sean. I actually made this video ["No Static] after a comment from a [much] younger rider, suggesting I do more rolling stuff in my next vid. So just for “balance”, my next vid will be titled, “No Rolling!” :p;) Jk, but I do plan to do stuff that gets me to the next level! And currently, I only have my trials and 36er, so it will involve one or both. :slight_smile:

Hi terry,
I don’t think you should take any of the comments about this video as a criticism of your skill level at muni or anything- just a personal preference of riding and filming.

For me muni is about going on a journey, something that is flowy and uninterrupted. Thats pretty much why i never film any of my rides- only really done one proper muni vid to date and i made it to reflect my favourite type of seemless, flowy riding. (You can find it in the Muni video comp thread in this forum)

As for the drops thing. I know i’m what you would call a ‘young whipper-snapper’ but for me, the physical beating involved with drops that are big enough to warrant being skill full are not really worth it. I gave up climbing onto big things just to jump of them a long time ago- if you can incorporate it into an interesting Muni line then its probably worth it, but otherwise i’ll save whats left of my joints for as long as possible.

If you enjoy doing them and filming them then keep at it. For me, static drops that look like you’ve just climbed up something with the sole purpose of hopping a few times on top, jumping off and landing on a flatish surface, are kinda boring.

Keep up the riding and filming, you are a great ambassador for the sport. How people respond to your films will be varied depending on how that reflects the type of riding they like to do themselves.