UniGeezer & Namlak at Hummingbird trail

Epic four hour MUni at Simi Valley’s “Hummingbird” trail. Super steep, technical and rocky, and since my magura was left at home, I had to ride my 24 MUni brakeless! But it was nice to get back to some real MUni with my trusty KH 24 workhorse, which is really the only one of my unis I would even think of doing a 5 foot drop with! :smiley:

I was joined by local rider Will Kalman. (Namlak) He’s been riding about a year now, and this was his first real ride on technical terrain, and he did a great job. Some good bails at the end, including my big boulder drop outtakes. Hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:

I had a great time meeting Terry and riding on a trail that I’ve done many times on the MTB (indeed, I’d ridden it two days earlier with my MTB club) but I felt I was just getting good enough to give it a whirl on the muni. I’m able to “stick” small drops more reliably lately as well as throw the occasional successful hop in the mix and this trail demands those skills.

It was a real stretch for me and I’m very happy with what I rode - although I still have a sore calf from the same UPD where I earned the Red Badge of Courage! Terry was very encouraging on the trail and I’m sure my skill level has ratcheted up a notch because of it.

It was fun to session some features through multiple takes and the video looks great and is a fantastic “keepsake”! Terry stopped at the big rock drop and said “Nah, I’ve shot this one every which way” but I thought the worms-eye view would be cool and I’m glad it got Terry a new angle on an old feature. Maybe now that drop has been filmed every way!

This is a popular hiking trail and it was fun hearing the comments from everyone. Terry and I share an appreciation for others’ amazement at muni. :smiley:

This is also almost exactly my one-year unicycling anniversary where I started off with a 20" Torker CX I bought on a whim cheap from a friend and tried a muni for the first time on New Year’s Day this year. I never thought I’d be riding like this only a year later … but I know I won’t be stopping!

Yeah it was a super fun day and we definitely got our money’s worth! Oh, wait…the best things in life are free, like Hummingbird trail! :smiley: You should be more than ready for another ride when your uni group of SIX meet there next weekend, so have fun! :slight_smile:

And yes, your camera angle idea for my boulder drop definitely added a new twist! That’s similar to the way Stanley Kubrick shot Jack Nicholson in the Shining, when he was in the meat locker, taunting Wendy. :stuck_out_tongue:



Watching this again and I just thought of a nutty line.

@ 0:58, gap jump to the next Zag of the trail if you get the angle right, have a good rolling hop and big cojones, you could land it to the left or right (to the other up or downhill bit).

That’d be quite the trick, there’s a fair amount of both lateral and vertical distance to cover, let alone sticking the landing on uneven ground. But Terry’s the expert, especially on this trail, so I’ll let him comment.